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Prone Paddle Boarding 101(What is it; What do you need and how you do it!)

Board Watersports, there are several different kinds practiced across the globe.


Prone paddleboarding is known by several names, for some, it is traditional paddle boarding and for some simply paddle boarding. The rider either lays-down or kneel on the board and paddle using hands. In simpler words, we can call it swimming while laying on the paddleboard. Some may confuse it with bodyboarding, however bodyboarding involves riding waves in a prone position. Besides that, both activities need different types of boards.


There is another assumption, prone paddleboarding and SUP are alike. However, the truth is that the latter was derived from the former. But these two have some major differences. The key difference is how the board is propelled. Prone paddleboarding involves the use of arms in a swimming movement, whereas blade paddle is used in standup paddleboarding.


Getting Started with Prone Paddleboarding

Truth be told, prone paddleboarding is not an easy job. It involves sweating and a little soreness & pain at first. Even the board feels a little shaky. And, when your body gets used to it, you will discover that this aquatic sport is all worth it.

Things you may need

The most awesome thing about prone paddleboarding is that it doesn’t need many things. All you need are basics:

  • A prone paddleboard
  • Swimwear
  • A leash

How to?

It starts with taking your prone board in the water and finding a shallow spot in the water. The next step involves holding the board from either side where the soft pad ends near the front. Ensure that the board is properly balanced and none of its parts is protruding out above the water. Once you feel, the prone board is nicely balanced, lay down on your belly and start paddling with your hands.

**The important thing is to paddle close to the board. Refrain from making wide strokes, as it may cause imbalance.

Another awesome aspect about prone paddleboarding is that you are not restricted to one position, you can kneel too. But, this can be a real challenge for beginners.

While standup paddleboarding and surfing have gained the most attention, water sports like prone paddleboarding, not so much.

So, if you are in dire search of something new,

prone paddleboarding is an incredible option.


Benefits of prone paddleboarding

It is Incredibly Amazing

To be honest, boarding is more enjoyable when lying on it instead of standing. While lying on the paddleboard, you can feel the board gently gliding over the water. This aquatic sport delivers a pure and natural experience.

Less Resistance from Wind

For those who are familiar with standup paddleboarding, would definitely agree that wind is a complete nuisance. However, while prone paddleboarding you may never face a problem with wind.

Great Workout

Prone paddleboarding is a very productive workout. Beginners may not agree to that, however as you learn more techniques and discover what works best for you, prone paddleboarding is an efficient exercise.

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