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What is the appeal of paddle boarding?

There is something exciting about standing in the middle of shimmering waters, with the wind blowing at your face and the sun smiling down at you. It is no wonder paddle boarding is one of the most popular water activities today.

Forget about all the fun that comes with paddle boarding, you may not notice it at first, but with time, you will appreciate one of the health benefits of paddle boarding! Your body will develop muscle and it will slowly chisel away!

Let’s have a look at some of the appeal that comes with paddle boarding:


You get a good workout

Your muscles will appreciate you for paddling. It gives you a total workout. It helps strengthen your core muscles, works your arms, legs, and shoulders. It is a low-intensity exercise that will work different muscles of your body.

It is fun and can be enjoyed by the entire family

Paddle boarding is one of those fun water sporting activities that can be enjoyed by the entire family. It is a fun sociable activity that lets you chat as you paddle with your neighbors.

It is good for your mental health

Paddling can be good for the mind. It is a relaxing outdoor activity that can help relieve stress and anxiety since your eyes will be subjected to beautiful nature and your body will be caressed with fresh air and the warm sun.


It can help you develop good balance

Unless you choose to paddle on your knees, paddling while standing can help improve your balance. This is because you have to maintain your balance on the board lest you get flipped into the water! Improved balance doesn’t end on the waters; it can also be useful off the water.

It can be done on and off the ocean

Paddle boarding is one of the few water sports that can be enjoyed on different water bodies. It can be enjoyed on the ocean, the lake, river, or canal.

It is an ageless activity

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can get on that board and enjoy a few strokes down the water body. You also don’t need to be athletic to partake in paddle boarding. Once you master the art of standing on the board, you are good to go! And if you don’t master it, you can still kneel or sit as you paddle!


It can help improve cardiovascular health

Paddle boarding can be a low-intensity work out as long as you remain on calm waters. The strokes you make with your blade are a good workout that helps improve your cardiovascular health.

It can help you burn calories and lose weight

Just one hour paddling on the board is enough to eliminate hundreds of calories from your body! This in turn can help you lose weight!

It is perfect for meditation

When you practice yoga on a paddle board, you will enjoy your meditation in a peaceful environment. Yoga on the water is great for ensuring you never lose your focus lest you end up splashing in the water! It helps you be mindful as you have to pay attention to your breath, balance, and posture and ensure each movement and muscle is synchronized.

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