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What is the correct way to hold a paddleboard paddle?

As interesting as paddle boarding sounds, you might have a hard time controlling the board if you aren’t sure about how to hold a paddle in the right way. If you are a newbie specially and need to work on your grip, balance, and stability, you must know the correct way of clutching on to the paddle, or you might tumble into the water and find it difficult to get back.

  • The blade should slope away from you

If you are picking a paddle for the first time, chances are you will hold it in a way that will allow you to scoop the water and make your way forward. For the uninitiated, this will pull up the water more than you want and create a drag that will eventually slow you down and create difficulty in tackling the paddleboard altogether.

Instead, try holding the paddle in a position where its slope will be away from you and therefore, push down on the water to create a slight lift to furnish you with enhanced smoothness to drift across the water.

  • Use your core strength

If you are standing up while paddling, ensure you are relying on your core strength more than the power of your arms because the latter can make you tired soon. Twist your torso which also happens to be the strongest muscles of the body.

To attain greater efficiency and capitalize on your core as much as you can, bend your knees slightly and look straight towards the horizon rather than looking at your feet which is the stronger instinct especially when you are starting off.

  • Use the right arm

It might not seem very important but, trust us when we say that placing the right hand on the paddle can make way for a lot of difference. If you are paddling on the left, your right hand, despite its strength should be on the top of the grip, and similarly, when paddling on the right, the left hand should be holding the paddle from the top.

Remember to switch hands only when you are shifting between the two sides and not otherwise. Practicing this from the initial days itself will allow you to regulate the paddle better and not fall off the paddleboard that often.

  • Push down and pull back

When you are stroking the paddle, the last thing that you would want is for it to not ensue the amount of power you are looking for. Hence, to evade this possibility, push the paddle hard so that its blade is fully immersed in the water and then pull back towards your ankle as if you are trailing it and then bring up the whole paddle.

More than anything else, you must focus on your posture; avoid being too stiff or too relaxed. Bend your knees slightly, keep the back straight and level your shoulders.

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