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Why is standup paddleboarding so popular?(11 Top Reasons)

Stand-up paddleboarding is the hottest craze, acclaimed as the world’s fastest-growing aquatic sport. Why? Simply, because it’s super relaxing. This watersport focuses more on spending quality time in the great outdoors than on technique & action, standup paddleboarding is something everyone wants to try. The best part is, it is a lot easier than it appears.

To many, standup paddleboarding may seem like a fairly new water sport, however, this aquatic sport has been around for quite a while. Rather, paddleboarding is deemed much older than surfing, tracing its roots to Africa and South America thousands of years ago.

So, if you have not tried this amazing aquatic sport yet, here are some reasons why you must try without much adieu. Kids to aged people, commoners to celebrities, everyone is relishing this water sport, it’s fun, safe and has incredibly therapeutic benefits. Not just that, SUP is a great means to explore nature and enjoy great outdoors.

Don’t need waves to enjoy SUP

You don’t require a residence by the ocean to enjoy it, rather you don’t even need waves. If you want to explore the wilderness of standup paddleboarding, the nearest lake or river can become your playground.

Anyone can Participate

No age boundaries, anyone can partake in SUP and become master in no time. Not just that, anyone can enjoy this aquatic sport regardless of their athletic background and skills.

Easy as Can be

SUP holds a striking similarity to surfing, but a rather easier version. This aquatic sport deals with standing on a paddleboard. The paddleboard looks like an oversized surfboard and helps you paddle your way in the water. It is not just easy, it is all about the enjoyment, it brings, the mesmerizing views, the sunsets, and the time spent well with friends.

Perfect Combination of Relaxation and Adventure

Standup paddleboarding is deeply relaxing, however, it can be a real adventure if you want it to be. How bout yoga practice or SUP racing, the only limit is your imagination.

Health Benefits

SUP is a full-body workout and has become a new rave across the globe. Even though most of the hard work is done by leg muscles while supporting the weight of the rider, however, every muscle of the body will be working-out at some point.


It teaches balance very-well, SUP requires standing upright on the board, which further demands core strength, stability, and leg strength. And, all this requires balance, SUP teaches it really well.


Standup paddleboarding improves body posture and improves flexibility.

Low Impact Exercise

SUP is an excellent low-impact exercise and ideal for those recovering from an injury. There is little chance that anyone can get injured from this aquatic sport.

Soothes Mind

SUP is excellent water therapy, helps in soothing mind, a real stress buster.

Builds Strength

Even though SUP is a low-impact exercise, however, it employs multiple muscles in a repetitive exercise. This implies your muscles are working out and developing & enduring strength.

Weight Loss

Standup paddleboarding helps in burning calories. You can burn at around 700 calories with one hour of extensive paddling.

SUP has many perks, the most important is the curiosity to try something new with multiple merits.

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