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Do I Need A Separate Battery For My Trolling Motor?

You need a separate battery for trolling motor. It is always better to be safe than sorry, as this is a bonafide method of making sure of the fact that your battery does not die down at any point, leaving you stranded and in trouble.

This way you can acquire a greater level of efficiency. As a regular cranking battery cannot match up to it and power the high levels of currents required by an electric trolling matter, it is better to turn to a separate deep cycle ‘house’ battery instead.

The difference between the extents of usage between the two happens to be rather evident. The way that a normal cranking battery is constructed is entirely different from that of the deep cycle battery.

The latter has plates that are evidently thicker and heavier and hence more suited to the purpose of keeping the trolling motor functional the entire time it needs to draw current. If these are not made use of, the ample power and long durations during which power must be drawn in by the motor would essentially distort and heat the regular plates of a cranking battery. That makes it insufficient for this purpose.

If you have indulged in fishing trips before to land a few beautiful catches, no one can blame you for daydreaming about the next moment you can snatch to get some fishing done.

However, in order to get your boat all prepped up for a fishing trip, you need to make sure all the parts are fully functional and have the required batteries needed to get it powered up. If you have any confusion regarding trolling motors and what battery it would need to power it up, we have the answer for you.


What Is A Trolling Motor?

You cannot have acquired a boat to head out to get your catch in serene waters without having a trolling motor equipped. A trolling motor is essentially a unit fixated mostly to an angler’s boat. It tends to be self-contained and involves specific parts like an electric motor, certain controls as well as a propeller.

When you want to lessen the drag while having your boat up and running, all you have to do is lift the motor especially when the boat’s primary engine is fully functional.

That makes it a secondary means of generating some propulsion, as it is generally accompanied by the primary one when taken out for a ride to catch fish. It is either situated at the boat’s stem or the bow based on whichever purpose it is designed for.


Should Starter Battery Be Used For Trolling Motor?

Marine starting batteries are utilized as per their name to start up the boat, providing brief yet powerful bursts of energy to ensure it has enough juice. As their main purpose is to power it up initially, using it for a trolling motor would be a certifiable mistake.

This is why it should not be relied upon to ensure that the trolling motor works because you are likely to get stuck in the middle of nowhere sooner rather than later. The starting battery should be allowed to focus its energy on ensuring the usage of the rest of the electronics instead.

Cerulean sky overhead, deep blue water below, and your boat adrift the strong currents; is that what you have planned out for the near future?

If fishing is what you intend to do this summer by taking your boat out for an intimate ride, then be sure to have the correct battery to power up your trolling motor.

Ensure that you do not rely on a starting battery to get the job done for you as well as the thin plates of a cranking battery that would merely act as a hindrance for you. Get a deep cycle battery to power up your motor and enjoy the pleasure nature has to offer.

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