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How fast will a 55lb thrust trolling motor go?

A small boat will go about 4 mph with a 55 lb thrust motor. A bigger boat will go even slower.

All the motors are not the same, if they vary in shape or even in size then they are made so for different maximum speed and durability. Even the weight and size drive the speed of a motor and of course, the technical part cannot be abandoned. So, it becomes really necessary to know about each kind of them so that there won’t be any problem in handling it afterward and also to select one which will be perfect for you.

And if talking about a 55lb thrust trolling motor then they are reliable for the small boats or if you just prefer recreational activities. If talking about its speed then a 55lb thrust trolling motor can go for 4 miles/hour which is enough for short recreational activities in a limited distance. So, let us check out how you can determine how long your and fast 55lb thrust trolling motor can take you.


On which basis is the speed determined?

The load you provide:

The general speed of any motor is determined on the basis of an average load provided to it and it can slow down as per the extra load you provide to it. The heavier load on your boat can slow down the speed and the converse is also true. The 55lb thrust motor that you use with 5miles/hour speed can fall even to 3-4miles/hour. You must take care of the load that you put and also you have to consider the maximum load at which your motor will pick up its normal speed.


The nature of water where you run it:

Every motor is designed differently to be used in different places as well as in different conditions. And in the same way a 55lb thrust trolling motor is designed to be navigated in calm water instead of the one with high currents.

Using this motor in a turbulent water will make it go down. It not only affects the speed but also deals with the durability of the motor. So, make sure you enjoy the full speed. You better use it in ideal water conditions.


How frequently you use it:

That’s the fact that none of the motors can work the same if they have frequently been used for several years. But still you cannot increase the speed of a motor by using it less, that’s totally a myth. The fact is that if you are frequently using the motor then it has the potential to travel faster than one used less. This is because if frequently used, the engines become more prompt and ready to get started.


Fuel being used:

It might not be a surprising fact because everyone using any kind of motor knows perfectly how different fuels can affect your motor’s performance. Majorly the marine vehicles use gasoline, diesel, and distillate marine diesel. If you are using the gasoline then it can slow down the speed followed by diesel whereas the distillate marine diesel speeds up the motor to the maximum range. So, if you want your motor to give the maximum output then make sure you use the perfect fuel especially when you are using a 55lb thrust trolling motor.


So, at last, if we assume that you are using your 55lb thrust trolling motor in an ideal water condition with a moderate load then its speed will go up to a maximum of 4 miles/hour. But the thing that you have to consider here is that if you go at a high speed then you will deplete your battery quickly. As per their design, they are also not fit for the large boats and strong ocean tides.

But it will be a perfect one for you if you just want to use it in recreational activities and short tours in small rivers or lakes. And at last, the major factor on which your motor relies is how best are the arrangements made by you and whether you are keeping the proper maintenance of the motor or not. It is the same in the case of maintaining its durability as well.

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