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Can you put a roof tent on any car?

You can put a roof tent on almost any car. Roof tent has varied results from person to person depending upon their car with the best results on an SUV. The important factor here is the width of the car roof and the racks of the car.


What is roof tent

A roof tent is a type of tent that can be installed on top of your car. This enables you to sleep on top of your car peacefully without any problem. These types of the tent were more famous in Africa and southern Asia, however lately they are becoming popular all over the world. Many enthusiast campers, who want to camp, are now buying the roof tent and driving along to camp at their favorite place without any restriction.

They can fit in most of the vehicles. There are various reasons why they are preferred all over the world and why people are becoming more fans of these tents. Let’s first look at the advantages and disadvantages of the roof tent.


Advantages and disadvantages of the roof tent

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages to the roof tent. They are becoming more popular nowadays due to their advantages which foreshadow their disadvantages. Let’s see the advantages of the roof tent and then have a look at the disadvantages of the roof tent.


Advantages of the roof tent

The main advantage of the roof tent is that you get accessibility anywhere. You can camp anywhere in the world without any problem with the help of the roof tent. They can be set up anywhere without any problem and they also give a high view to many people which they like. Another good point about the roof tent is that they are made out of better material than the traditional tent and they last much longer than the traditional tents.

They are more durable, thicker, and water-resistant than normal tents. Unlike the truck tent which requires you to unload everything before being able to use it, the roof tent does not require any unloading unless you have loaded your all luggage on top of your car.

The roof tent provides adequate protection form many wild animals. Tigers, lion, bear, or another wild animal aren’t able to reach the roof tent and this makes the person more secure and they feel safe inside the roof tent. Also, unlike the truck tent which required you to buy a separate mattress. The roof tent has a pre-built mattress that the person can use to sleep without any problem.


Disadvantages of the roof tent

The main disadvantage of the roof tent is its cost. The cost of the roof tent is much higher than the normal tent or the truck tent. The average price of the roof tent is $1000. The price might seem like a bit too high for its feature however many hardcore campers often pay this price to get the benefits of the roof tent.

Another disadvantage of the roof tent is the amount of time required to spend on their installation. The roof tent is high and they weigh 100 pounds. The roof tent requires more time for installation. Many campers do not have any issue or the time since they feel that the view, they get in the roof tent is worth their hard work. Another problem for the roof tent is a disadvantage for people who have a physical limitation. To climb a roof tent, you require a ladder. People with physical limitations aren’t able to do so and they are unable to use the roof tent.

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