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Can You Run A 12-Volt Trolling Motor On 24 Volts?

You can not run a 12 volt trolling motor on 24 volts as this will cause permanent damage to circuits.

If you have been getting into fishing for quite a while now, it is a given that you would know a thing or two about trolling motors as well. A boat without a trolling motor is bound to face a whole lot of difficulties especially if it happens to be an angler’s boat.

You can find various types of motors based on whatever kind of boat you happen to possess. It is important to be careful about the kind you are purchasing so that it fits well with and is entirely suitable for the boat that you have. It will ensure the best experience possible when it comes to taking it out for a ride to answer nature’s call.


Advantages Of Having A Trolling Motor:

Trolling motors are quite useful objects and the reasons for their significance are quite obvious. The primary one would have to be the fact that they make maneuvering a boat a great deal easier. People who are new to this hobby should especially consider having a proper trolling motor, as it would assist them with regulating control of the boat. Often you must keep external aspects in mind.

Powerful winds and strong currents can truly act as a hindrance for you and may not allow you to get to the exact destination that you want. This is where trolling motors happen to be quite useful, as they help make the required adjustments to gain control despite such factors battering away at your boat.

In addition to that, they are also gaining newer features day by day to add to the convenience and accessibility of trolling motors. Inbuilt GPS allows people to know the exact location that they want to go and just where they are likely to find areas in the water where they have the maximum amount of fish. As trolling motors are designed in a way that is meant to prevent scaring fish off, that too should not be a problem for you.


Running A 12-Volt Trolling Motor On 24 Volts:

It is not uncommon to have certain questions pertaining to the different parts equipped in the boat. This should be encouraged to ensure that no problems arise and everything is functional in an entirely smooth way. Though some of these questions may appear silly to some people at first glance, they are actually worth pondering on as a form of confirmation that no issues come up. One of such issues includes whether or not it is a good idea to have a 12-volt trolling motor running on 24 volts and the answer is as simple as it can be. No, it is certainly not a good idea in the least.

The very first thing to consider is the kind of trolling motor you have fixated to your boat. This can actually make a world of difference as different kinds of motors have their own different limitations. The ironic fact here is that if the system is more or less simplistic, it will be able to sustain itself for at least a little while before problems start to make themselves known.

However, if the design is entirely too modern and is reliant on a computer-based system, you can expect things to go down incredibly fast. As the voltage you will be providing will be double the required one, it would most likely blow up the circuits, resulting in a pretty nasty mess.

Though people are often tempted to test this out to gain more speed, they should also consider the fact that they are making it much hotter than it is supposed to be. If the smoke seal happens to break, it will undergo severe damage.

When getting a trolling motor, asking others, or conducting research into such questions before committing to any actions is probably a wise idea.

Trolling motors should be considered rather carefully when the time comes to charge them so they can be powered up. There are limits on the extent of voltage you can provide it for very good reasons that it is advisable to adhere to.

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