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Can you run a trolling motor out of water?

You can run a trolling motor out of water, but should not do it because spinning propellers are dangerous. Another reason not to is overheating.

Trolling motors are basically made to enhance your boating experience. It is an essential element of your vessel, boats, kayaks, etc. They are specially designed to work fluently on water.

And if we talk about its performance out of the water then probably it isn’t going to be the same obviously.

The trolling motor needs water to cool down and if you try to run it out of the water for a very limited and short time, there would not be any problem and even it would take a long time to drain the battery running the motor out of the water with no load.

But if considering other factors, why do you need to damage your such an expensive trolling motor just to drain the battery down. Even many times overheating can cause very severe damages to your motor so beware of such things. 


How can you better use a trolling motor out of water?

In the shake of maintenance, we generally do the flushing of the motorboat out of water. But running the motor out of the water without any water source will surely cause it lots of damage which can be really costlier. You must attach a hose in the motor’s water intakes.

Some motors might have some built-in arrangements that accept his nozzle.  But if there is no such attachment in your ones then you need a set of flusher muffs. Then after starting the water source only try to run the motor for the minimum time possible or as per the brand’s recommendation.

The first thing that you must do before taking your motor out of water is to carefully read the manual so that you will be aware of the fact that either there are any intakes in your motor if yes, then where? And if not then you need to find motor muffs.

This part is really important because although the maximum motor has the same functions, still your model can have a specific procedure.

After that make sure you have perfectly attached the hose in one of the intake and close the other intakes with heavy tapes.


When you are fitting the hose after that make sure you keep the engine in neutral while running it out of the water, but the most carefully done part is being away from the propeller because any accidents can happen if the engine accidentally slips into gear and the connecting rod is on the propeller side of the motor. It can be a lot dangerous so make sure you are not taking it out for a longer time.

If you don’t find any intakes don’t forget to screw the garden hose onto the muffs. You must consider the muffs with a nozzle then only screw the garden hose into it. And make sure you have double-checked all the connections before use.


Thus, although running a trolling motor might be possible to run outside of water, but still, there are still many possible damages. Anything is best suited and can best be performed only in the place where it is meant to be.

You cannot drag it to the harsh situations knowingly. Although your trolling motor has the capability to work out of water for some time that does not mean it is meant to be used in the ground. You can only use it out for some specific maintenance and apart from that doing so can be dangerous for you as well as for your trolling motor as well. It can even get damaged by overheating out of the water.

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