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Can you use a marine starting battery for a trolling motor?

You can use a marine battery for a trolling motor but you will be better off with a deep cycle battery as it will last longer. A marine battery is designed for quick burst of power not continuous use.

Marine batteries are majorly designed to be used on a boat with its heavier plates and athletic construction so that it can withstand the vibration and pounding that often occurs.

This is why comparatively marine batteries are even more expensive than the ones used in automobiles. This is a reason many times some of the people even prefer an automobile battery for a boat which is really a bad decision and is of no worth because for a boat the best choice will be a marine battery.

Moreover, there are several types of marine battery such as starting batteries, deep cycle batteries and the dual-purpose batteries, although the majorly used one is the deep cycle battery, here we are going to make a discussion over the starting batteries, whether they are suitable for a trolling motor or not.

Marine starting batteries are one kind of marine battery that provides quick but still powerful spurts of energy in a short period of time. These batteries are so designed to start the engine and be rapidly recharged by the engine alternator. But the major fact and the most important thing about a marine starting battery is that it should not be used for trolling motors or even not for powering appliances.

These types of batteries generally allow a marine vessel to start by sending the power to the engine when you turn on the ignition switch. This is the reason why we call them as a starter battery.  No matter what kind of motor is used, to start it short and burst energy is a must without which the engine cannot take up the load.

This power obviously provides the battery. But for trolling motors they don’t just need a startup power but also require a constant power throughout which isn’t possible with a starting battery and that is why these kinds of batteries are only to be used in those appliances which only need starting power which could work as a thrust for them to run. 

Although a starting battery might be an ideal one for cranking an engine but for the same reason it becomes none ideal since it also gets continuously discharged which means it performs cyclic use. This is also one of those reasons why we do not use it in the trolling motors because it will itself start charging instead of providing strength to the motor. So make sure you make right choices of these starting batteries only in the areas where it is required. 

For maximum boats and the trolling motors, it is generally not recommended to use a starting marine battery. Neither it is suggested to be used as a starting battery nor even as a starting battery itself. That is really a bad idea using a starting battery for your trolling motor, cause this will make you one day stuck I’m on the water someday.

You must keep your expensive trolling motor away from the starting battery because it is not gonna provide you any extra support but instead might cost you a lot. The starting battery is designed to be able to run your electronics and also maybe Live well on the light use. It always maintains plenty of cranking amps to easily start your motor. But do not try to mix it up with a trolling motor.

Thus, using a starting battery as the only battery backup for a powerful trolling motor because this can lead you to the trouble in mid of your way. Not only this starting battery is majorly made for a small thrust or power to start your appliance, not for its long and durable run. And in the same way, it is also responsible for overheating and depletion of available capacity as well.

This is the major reason why you always have to go through the details and the major working principles of the respective battery to select one for your general use of a trolling motor. But still, the best choice for a trolling motor is none other than a deep cycle battery.

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