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Do Roof Tents Get Stolen?

Your roof tent can get stolen. If you are away, and it is unlocked, a thief can take it. It happens.

Like any other material object that is not properly insured or does not have sufficient security to prevent theft, it will always be in constant danger of being removed from your vehicle at any place, time, and day. But this should not be an obstacle to buy it and have it at your disposal whenever you need it.

We know that at the moment of its theft, a very big loss of money is generated and the replacement of that investment can never happen again, by the simple fact of the distrust at the time of acquiring a new one and to run with the same luck, that’s why there are many ways to make sure that your roof tent is safe. We will take advantage of this space to give you some tips to avoid this happening to you and be completely safe.


Padlocks or Security Locks

There are many types of locks and security locks that you can put on your roof tent, some are sold along with the purchase of it for greater security, in case you have not been provided with the one you can always count on obtaining them from the centers where these types of equipment are sold.

These are commonly mounted on the metal structure of the roof tent to secure it with a system of nuts and bolts, which have the peculiarity of only being able to be removed through a special tool that only the owner will possess. This will make it impossible for anyone seeking to remove the equipment to have the necessary tool to remove the safety insulation.

KanuLock Straps

These devices are straps that are reinforced with steel fibers, come in a pair with their distinctive key, these are placed in a comfortable and safe place around your roof tent and are adjusted so that they cannot be removed in any way. At the time of implementation make sure they are firm and well fastened, do some tests to try to cut or force the straps, if these are kept without moving then you can rest easy.

Remember to always keep track of your straps and buy another pair of these extra devices, this way you will prevent significant wear and tear by changing them regularly and in case you notice a failure in these, you will always have a spare at all times so as not to leave your roof tent unprotected.


Insurance For Cars

Many insurance companies offer the service of protection to your roof tent so you don’t have to worry about it in case of theft, generally, they will provide complete or partial coverage of your cost, and this will depend on the company and the type of service.

Also, these companies will recommend methods to ensure your roof tent, also it can be the case that the own insurers put these security devices for greater tranquility and comfort at the time of leaving camping or in long trips of a highway, the best of the preventions is to count that its investment this always endorsed.


Keeping Your Car in Guarded Places

In some cases these roof tents are usually stolen in unsafe places, such as public parking lots and low traffic streets, this facilitates that there are no witnesses at the time of the theft, or whoever steals them can work quietly without any impediments.

Keeping your car in a place that is visible to everyone, where there are security cameras and mainly there is a flow of people or significant cars, this will prevent any thief has a chance to get his hands on your roof tent.

Even if you are always in danger of having your roof tent stolen, with all these tools and tips you can make sure that no one ever tries to take your roof tent away from you, this ensures your peace of mind at all times and that your camping plans are never ruined.

You should also make sure that when you buy your roof tent it contains its own security devices or locks, as well as the keys to access them at any time, ask your dealer to always show you the security of the roof tent or which ones they have.

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