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How far in the water should a trolling motor be?

A trolling motor should be 12-17 inches in the water depending on wind and waves. 12 inches is normal, add 5 inches for rough water.

A day out in a boat is not an unusual task instead it is an amazing task to perform for outings to get refreshed and charged up. This is why boats are highly preferred by the people nowadays. Even a day out for fishing is also amazing in the boat.

So, this is the reason why people are more conscious about the different parts of their boats and especially the trolling motors. Because this is what actually helps in the working of the boats.

When you are using a trolling motor you must have a question in your mind that what could be the highest possible time that your motor can spend in the water. This is what totally depends on the several small features related to your motor such as thrust, also hours, reverse capacity, and many other things. 

All the trolling motors might seem to be the same but all have their own separate capacities and features as designed by the manufacturers. The major elements of the movie or let say their features which collectively determines its runtime in water are discussed over here:

Thrust: Thrust is something you can directly compare with the horsepower for the outboard. It is calculated and stated in terms of pounds. It is generally about the pounds of water being pushed by the motors.

The minimum requirement of every boat is 2 pounds for every 100 pounds of fully loaded boat, including the people in it and other additional equipment attached. But remember it is the basic requirement. It will be more for the harsh situations such as winds or currents.


Volts: In a motor, volts stand for or indicate the requirement of the power by the battery of the trolling motor. The most ideal battery used is one with 12 V of power. Make sure you must meet the basic needs such as saltwater usage, strong tides situations, and offshore rollers.


Shaft Length: Selecting the best shaft length is the most prior thing you must consider because with a shorter one the propeller won’t get submerged in water sufficiently. The motor section importantly should be submerged in water at least 12 inches below the surface. This is to support the proper functioning.

Technical bases:  You can make the choice of the best motor suitable for you, but it should be determined by you as per the budget. Due to the modernization, the parts of trolling motors are becoming more advanced. So, make sure the one you choose has all the best qualities in the above-mentioned type.

Moreover, you can not determine the direct speed of the motor because to know this feature you must go through some estimation which is based on the practical observation which you have to observe. Once you are done with the speed you can easily get to other things as well.

For the well functioning of your trolling motor, you must first choose the correct shaft length which is important so that the angler’s motor does not cavitate, or make unnecessary noises. You must properly consider how far in the water your motor must be.

The rule of the thumb has been well proven till now and it should be submerged 12 inches. It becomes more critical with bow mount motors and transom mount motors. Maximum boat transoms are almost similar in their distance to the water.

But in the case of bow-mounted motors, there is quite a large variation in the size of the shaft. In the case of fishing through this one, you have to add 5 inches for waterline measurements for fishing in rough water.  

Thus, trolling motors are one of the best motors to be used in your boats, kayaks, or any other vessels. These are widely used for its effective and efficient work. But to get the best one you must consider each and every factor related to the trolling motors only then you will get the best one. This is what makes the motor stay in the water for a long time.

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