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How long do tents stay waterproof?

The waterproofing on a tent can last for up to 3-4 years if you take care of the tent. This period depends on various factors like material, UV, wear-and-tear, and coating.

Many campers who camp nowadays want their tent to be waterproof. They want a fully waterproof tent for their camping. May tents that are in the market are waterproofed naturally however for those tents that aren’t waterproof, one can just get the waterproofing done of their tents.

This will make the tent waterproof. A good waterproof tent can handle any wither easily and can also reduce the condensation inside the tent greatly. When you do waterproof on your tent there are some points that you should be careful about. These points will determine the longevity of your waterproof coating and will also help the tent to remain waterproof for a longer time.

The main point on which the waterproofing of the tent last is how well the person keeps their tent. If a person cares about his tent well, then the tent can last for a long time without showing any signs of wear or tear. This will increase the waterproofing lifespan of the tent and will also help the tent to last for a long time. Let’s see what these points are.


Determining the material of the tent

The first thing you need to do is determine the material for which the tent is made from. Various materials could be used to make a tent and these different materials have different lifespans. The polymer material is waterproofed earlier and they tend to last longer than the average tent. They wear and tear less frequently and are more durable.

Keeping the tent away from UV rays

UV rays can drastically shorten the lifespan of the waterproofing on the tent. It helps to break down the material of the tent and prevents it from getting reappeared. It is one of the most common reasons why the tent lasts shorter than what they are supposed to.


Preventing any wear or tear on the net

The most important thing one needs to do is repair their tent over and over again. Inspect the tent from time to time. If you see any wear or tear on the tent, then you should repair your tent as it will help to make your tent last longer.

Waterproofing tent

Waterproofing the tent is easy and one can do it manually as well. Anybody who wishes to waterproof their tent could do it by sitting at home. All they need is a good DWR and urethane which they could buy online also. Let’s see how one could waterproof their tent easily.

The first step is to clean the tent. The waterproofing should be done on the tent surface and sometimes the surface could be covered with dust or dirt. This will prevent the surface from getting waterproofed, so the first thing is to clean the tent parts. This will help to get rid of all the dust in the tent and will clean the tent. The next thing you need to do is seal up the seams of the tent.

This is again an important process and one must do it with great care. After sealing the seam, take the urethane and rub it all over the tent parts. Keep a thin but uniform layer of urethane on the surface of the tent. Next, take a durable water repellent and rub it on top of the urethane coating. This will make you tent waterproof. After doing all this, keep the tent out in some dry place so that all the paint dries up pretty well.

You can do the waterproofing by yourself, or you can get it done by a company. There are many companies that waterproof the tent at an affordable price. They will follow the above procedure easily and will give the tent back to you within 2-3 days. The waterproof coating lasts for a while so there is no need to redo it again and again. Once you feel the paint of the tent is falling off, repeat the steps above and waterproof the tent again.

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