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How long does a trolling motor last?

A trolling motor should last 6-8 hours with a full battery charge depending on the wind. They physically last 5-10 years.

When you are out on a fishing trip or for some recreational activity on your vessel then the most probable thing that will hit your mind is obviously how long will you be able to stay up there and at what time your battery of trolling motor will probably drain out.

This is the most obvious question in everyone’s mind. So, here we will be discussing all the basics of the trolling motor battery that you must know first before deciding it’s battery life, and once you made that we also will be determining the several factors to keep it stable and increase that restricted battery life.

So, at the very first before determining the battery life of your motor you first need to be aware of some facts related to your trolling motor and that is, how many amp-hours are in your battery and also what is the amp drawn by your motor which is also called its mileage. This fact will be different for different motor and battery types and also rely on the condition of the battery. There are also many other factors that can drive these factors. Do make sure you are taking the right one.


Let’s first take about amp-hours, which can be delivered for certain hours. For example, you have a battery with 100 amp it will deliver 100 hours of 1 amp consumption or also 10 hours of 10 amp consumption and so on. You may also sometimes use related capacity(RC) instead of the amp.

This will depict the number of minutes that a fully charged battery will deliver with 10.5 volts with a draw of 20amps. If you talk about a trolling motor then you must require a deep cycle battery because the more will be the most hour, the longer will be the run time of your motor. 

Now overlooking from the perspective of a trolling motor, then firstly they are attached to a propeller and a speed control. The control is used to vary the speed which in turn varies the speed the prop turns.

The faster the proper will turn, the more is the thrust generated for a great speed. And also the higher speed determines the higher high energy consumption as well. So, to determine the usage time or work time of a motor you can follow up the example that lets say you have a battery with a deep cycle and 140 RC as well as 58 amps hours.

Now let say you want to use your battery up to 85% then the resulting runtime will be 4.9 hours(58*.85/10) if it draws 10 amps. But this is the maximum speed in ideal condition which is not even practically observed. Because obviously some energy is wasted to make the work be done. Additionally, if your battery in the case is damaged or old then also it won’t get rated amps hours, and this a poor run time. 


But still what if you wanted really to get more runtime, yeah there are several ways to achieve maximum runtime of your trolling motors. 

The first thing that you can do is that you must have to reduce the load from the battery. You must remove all the unnecessary usage such as you can turn off the lights, fishfinder, and so forth. This will essentially increase the runtime of your motor as it will now receive an extra backup. 

You can also go for a new battery if your one is getting old a lot and even if some damages are observed. The ideal time to replace the battery is 3 years.

You can also prefer more batteries like even two are ideal, one just for your motor and the next one for all the other applications. This will increase the runtime of your movie and will last long.

Thus, the fact that how long your trolling motor will run depends on various other things as mentioned above. So, all the trolling motors do not have the same runtime. And to increase the run time of your motors do follow the above steps.

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