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How long will a 12 V battery run a trolling motor?

A 12 volt battery will last about 6 hours if running a trolling motor. It will go another 1-2 hours if you are using low power.

One of the most substantial element of your trolling motor is obviously its battery. A battery is what supports your motor to work throughout properly. We can find a lot of marine batteries which are really important and have different features which are all reliable for different kinds of motors as per their size and capacity.

Making a perfect battery choice is really important because that is what going to state how long your motor can work in the water at different speeds. Moreover, you must also be careful about the type of battery being used, which in the current context is assumed to be the deep cycle as the best one for trolling motors. There are several types and powers of batteries.

Generally, the most used batteries are of 12- V which is widely used and is really a reliable battery. It has even enough power to run a trolling motor. So hereby we will check how long your 12V battery can take your trolling motor.


How to calculate the run time?

You might always question yourself while selecting a motor’s battery which one would be suitable for your trolling motor for its long runtime. If you want to know the runtime of your 12-V battery then make sure you are well known about two of the facts related to your12-V battery and that is: battery’s ampere hour rating and also a motor’s average draw.

You also should not get confused with the actual fact that the runtime of a motor is not an actual fact that is just estimated through the following parameters and can be varied with several affecting factors. 

As previously mentioned the first required thing is obviously the Amperage Hour Rating which is actually a unit rated in the marine batteries which simply indicates how long a battery can supply a consistent amperage to the motor. More will be the rating in the battery, the more will be the power that it would supply.  

The next considering point is the Motor Amperage Draw which is essential to calculate the estimated runtime of a motor. It refers to the amount of current that a motor draws at the time of the given speed. This rating is always provided by the manufacturer since its estimation is not so easy. 

Along with these things you should also consider some major things that can decrease the run time of your trolling motor with major effect in its 12-V battery. This could be the weather conditions also. But the major factors are the recharge time that means are you properly charging your battery as soon as you use it or not.


Because keeping your battery discharged also sometimes ruins its performance and many a time it isn’t able to regain the full power back. Not only this you also have to consider the work time of the battery because if you wait for it to get totally drained then it will get a problem in getting fully charged up from the next time. Another major thing that drives the working of the battery is the fact of how often you are using it.

If you are frequently using up your battery then it will comparatively will have huh performance as compared to the one not being used. So, along with other facts, make sure you are properly taking care of the battery so that it can give the maximum output and especially for a 12-V battery so that it can perfectly work for 6-8hours once charged.

So, determining the run time of a trolling motor-assisted by a 12-V battery is not a fact to be calculated directly instead it is estimated as per the above-given sources. But still, after the estimation, a 12 -V older power drive a 24 to 27 group battery runs for around 6-8 hours.

This is the reason why a 12-V battery is considered as the most suitable and reliable battery for a wide range of trolling motors. It is considered as the best option for small and even medium-sized vessels which are inexpensive and also efficient to work.


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