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How Long Will A Lithium-Ion Battery Last?

A Lithium-Ion battery will last about 400 cycles or about 3 years.

Acquiring some basic information about batteries before putting them to use is always advisable, as they happen to be less sturdy than you might think.

Lithium-ion batteries are none too different, as great care has to be taken to make sure that an excess charge is not provided to them.

That can have rather disastrous effects in the worst possible cases, even causing damage so severe that it may be impossible to reverse it somehow. Before getting into all such details however you should have some basic knowledge about what exactly a Lithium-ion battery is and how it is meant to function.


What Are Lithium-Ion Batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are used for increasingly multiple purposes as more and more applications have been found for it due to an increasing level of advancement. Some of these commonly known uses happen to be being used for portable electric devices as well as vehicles such as cars.

These are the more common applications that are made use of on a rather consistent basis. However, that is not always the case. Often people, who own boats so that they may have occasional fishing trips or simply enjoy drifting on a lake, make use of these batteries as well.

One of the most noticeable aspects of those boats happens to be trolling motors. These motors are utilized for gaining maximum control so that they are able to point their boat in any direction they like without worrying much about the external aspects such as wind and water currents. This makes them highly useful and the need to keep them well charged and completely functional mainly relies on these lithium-ion batteries.


How Long Do Lithium-Ion Batteries Last:

There are specific rules that one must follow in order to ensure that lithium-ion batteries are maintained properly and taken care of in the required manner. You should be well aware of them to know just how to handle them so that they last longer than they otherwise might.

These batteries are typically known to last for an average of two to three years though you may start noticing some issues after one year itself. This means you can get about 300 to 500 cycles of usage out of them. As all products start to deteriorate after undergoing a long process, so do lithium-ion batteries. After a certain time period, its extent of powering the trolling motor will start to decrease irreversibly.

Though some research is being done into finding a way to extend its lifetime, so far there have not been a whole of solutions that could be implemented to make that work. Despite that careful handling and some tips might help prolong it. It is certainly worth a shot for sure.


How Should Lithium-Ion Batteries Be Taken Care Of:

It is always highly unadvisable to leave the batteries for a long period of time without making any use of them. If you wish to start up your boat after 6 months, it is best that you first finish an entire check on the charge status. If it is fine, you may continue to use it or otherwise simply discard it and acquire a new one.

Storage options also matter greatly and should be considered without a doubt. This primarily includes storing it separately from the product that it is used for when it is not in use. The temperature also plays a great role here and the ideal temperature at which to keep it is between 5 degrees to 20 degrees. The battery should be charged to a minimum of 50% at least once every six months.

Following these can help sustain the lithium-ion battery for a longer period of time and cause less dissatisfaction with its functionality as well.

Lithium-ion batteries are not always the easiest to maintain and take care of but it is something you should do if you need to make use of it. Following the required instructions stated here can help you preserve it just a little longer and ensure that you do not have to face many difficulties as well.

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