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Is Trickle Charging Bad?

Charging options are actually far more complex than they appear to be. Whether it is for a vehicle you use on a daily basis such as your car or even a boat that you make use for occasional fishing trips, batteries must be charged properly.


Trickle Charging is not bad. They keep the battery fully charged and prevent dead batteries due to non use.

If that is not the case, you will neither get enough usage out of it nor the proper kind of functionality that is normally expected from it. The same applies to trolling motors that you can find affixed either to the stern or the bow of the boat. The order in which you plug it in, the kind of charger that you use, the extent of voltage that you provide are all highly necessary factors to consider when trying to get it powered up.


What Is Trickle Charging:

Trickle chargers are definitely not the same as the usual chargers that you might use on a consistent basis. They serve some very specific purposes that make them fairly desirable to a certain kind of crowd.

Trickle chargers tend to give out power bit by bit to the battery over a longer period of time. Regular batteries do the exact opposite by giving it enough charge as soon as possible so that it is up and running after just a little while. They both are effective in their own separate ways and so you must first consider what your usage is before deciding which one will work out better for you.


Benefits Of Trickle Charging:

As trickle chargers have a unique way of ensuring the battery of trolling motors is fully charged, its specific purpose should first be looked into. Regular vehicles like cars are often used on a daily basis that means their batteries should already be ready for use in a short period of time.

The same however does not always go for boats, as they are usually taken out for a ride every now and then. During certain seasons like winter, people avoid heading out to fish altogether which means that their usage is far more occasional as compared to the former.

This is especially considerably useful for those people who rarely head out to get any fishing done despite owning a boat. Allowing these batteries to just lie there for a long time will simply mean that you will have to confront a battery that is completely dead the next time you want to take your boat out.

his just might take a whole lot of time to charge, making it a greater hassle than it needs to be. As a small extent of electricity will be continually provided to the battery the entire time you do not make use of it, this situation can be averted for sure. You will no longer have to wait for hours on end, getting irate by the minute, wondering when you can finally take your boat out to have a relaxing day on the lake.


Some Points To Consider While Charging:

One of the few times when trickle charging can actually prove to be problematic is when the rate at which you are charging it is not enough to sustain the battery. This is because you make use of it too often, causing it to keep losing juice fast every time it acquires a little bit of charge.

This is one aspect you might have to be careful about. The thing that worries most people is if the charging for the battery is too little or too much as they both seem to have their own adverse effects. Using it wisely for a specific amount of time based on how often you use it should be the route to take to avoid any such complications.

When it comes to charging your batteries, you must realize just how fragile the balance can be. This could be the deciding factor between your battery functioning smoothly for an ample amount of time or overheating or even ending up dead. Equipment like that needs to be looked after with careful precision in order to get the most use out of it.

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