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Should You Let A Battery Run Down Before Charging?

You do not need to run down a battery before charging it up. Modern batteries do have have memory and will fuction normally when charged up from a level above zero.

One of the most integral ones happens to be a trolling motor that you will either find fixated to your boat’s bow or stern. Considering just how significant it truly is, it is needed to be well-maintained at all times and charged enough to get it powered up when you head out to fish.


Why You Need A Trolling Battery:

There are several reasons why you need to take special care of trolling motors, as their functions are vital for those who want to take their boat out to catch some fish.

If you want important features like being able to maneuver the boat with relative ease by adjusting for external elements like currents and powerful winds, possessing one is a must. You can also locate where exactly the most fish are located to allow your boat’s GPS to lead you there. Additional features like power steering and imaging that allows you to glimpse at whatever is under the boat make it appear even more appealing.

Since its significance is unparalleled, one must be careful to ensure that its battery or the way you charge it does not cause any problems. Such equipment is often fairly sensitive and has the capability of being made use of for a mere two or three years. This is why you should try to make it last as long as you can and get maximum benefits out of it.


Things To Consider About Trolling Motors’ Batteries:

To begin with, there are certain things you need to know about the battery on a general level to make sure you use it correctly.

Primarily, making use of a smart battery is a wise choice due to its additional features like lights that notify you when it is charged or the automatic adjustment of the temperature and output to prolong its lifetime.

Let A Battery Run Down Before Charging
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It is claimed that a trolling motor should be charged every time it is put to use which means it does not have to be entirely depleted before you charge it up again. Also, making sure what battery you are using is highly important. It is usually advisable to make use of Lithium batteries to sustain trolling motors.

Some obvious tips to keep in mind are not to tamper with the batteries when the trolling motor is functional. It could result in a pretty messy situation that no one would like to be in.

That is why it is always advised that you should not only switch off the battery but also pull out anything that might be connected to the terminals. These tips might help prevent any severe electric damage that just may possibly occur. Another thing to consider is making sure to check the settings before you allow the batteries to do their work.

As the extent of voltage that needs to be provided to your battery can vary, you will need to select how much of it to let through. An excess of it could overheat it and cause other problems as well. The charging duration can depend on the amount of charge still left from the previous time, the capacity of the battery itself as well as the amp output of the charger. This will decide on how long it might take to get it fully powered up and ready for use.

Owning a boat is none too easy especially when you know you need to take special care to ensure that it is top-notch. Considering just what a pricey investment it is along with the numerous parts attached to it that must be given individual attention, you will need to keep your eye out and stay vigilant.

Trolling motors along with all the rest of the equipment should be handled with extreme care. One of the most important aspects is to ensure that they get charged properly and that there are absolutely no issues pertaining to that.

Some battery may be left and still be recharged, as it is unlikely to cause any issues. Simply make sure that everything is on par to make full use of all that you have.

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