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What battery is best for a trolling motor?

The key factor behind the proper working of your trolling motor is obviously its battery.

The best battery I have found for a trolling motor is Bass Pro Shops Pro Series AGM X-900. The 2nd best is the Odyssey trolling thunder 34M. Both are excellent.


Your motor won’t function further once the battery is dead. No matter how qualitative is your trolling motor, your battery should also be of the same standard to support the proper functioning. Because if you are trying to keep a cheap battery for your motor then it’s going to destroy its performance as well. So, consider well before making a final choice. The major things that you must consider before buying the best trolling motor batteries are: battery type, battery ampere hour rating, and the budget. 

Battery type: For the trolling motors there majorly two battery types of 12 V which are generally preferred and they are: lead-acid wet cell and AGM batteries. These deep cycle batteries are majorly designed for discharging smaller amounts of current over a longer period of time and also for frequent recharging. 

Lead-acid wet cells are the most common type of deep cycle batteries used to handle the frequent draining as well as recharging for a trolling motor. These are the most affordable options. These can be used for around one to two years and then should be replaced. But still, these types of batteries are prone to vibrations and spillage.

AGM batteries which stand for the absorbed glass mat are the other kind that is used in the trolling motors. These batteries are generally completely sealed and last long after charging and have a long life span as well. This battery generally lasts for a minimum of 3-4years.

The major benefit of having an AGM battery for your trolling motor is that it is 100% maintenance free as well as does not have the problems of vibrations. But still these batteries are an expensive option as compared to other traditional batteries.

In terms of average hour rating, the most recommended battery is with at least a 100 ampere hour rating, a group 27 rating and 175 minutes of reverse capacity. 

Now let us see some of the best batteries available in the market to best support your trolling motor.


Bass Pro Shops Pro Series AGM X-900:

This is the most popular as well as reliable AGM battery with faster recharge capability. It cycles up to 900 times at 50% discharge and its marine cranking amp ranges from 1010-1370.

Since this is based on AGM technology so it requires very less maintenance, a strong powerful turnover and a fast recharge. This battery can averagely last for 4-5 years. This battery can be a best option for any kind of trolling motors.


Odyssey trolling thunder 34M:

This amazing Odyssey battery has a cold cranking amp of 880 and can last for at least 10 years. The major feature of this battery is its long life cycle and low operating costs. It has a reverse capacity of 135min whereas lies in the group size of 34M.

The battery is totally vibration resistant to prevent any kind of damage caused by the shock. This battery can also hold in the harsh climatic conditions.

These were very few examples to show you how you can pick up the best battery for your trolling motor.

The battery if the trolling motor is really important to make it work and give good output. So you ensure this thing, make sure you are not mixing up the different batteries, and even if you are using the same type make sure you are not compiling the old one with the new.

Also, make sure you charge the batteries as soon as possible whenever you use it because leaving a battery in a discharged state will decrease the performance as well as longevity. You must also frequently check wet-cell battery fluid level. Also do check the terminal connectors periodically to check whether there is any sign of corrosion or not. In the off seasons store the batteries in cool and dry places.

Thus, according to separate sections you must consider the best battery either it be the type, ampere hour rating or any other factors. You must pick a qualitative product to even maintain the longevity of your trolling motor as well.

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