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What Color Tent is Coolest in Hot Weather?


A hot weather campaign can be a nightmare if you don’t choose your camp smartly. A blistering day and scorching heat directly from the sun can make anyone wish that they better stayed at home.


A white tent is the coolest in hot weather because it reflects light and heat. Light colors like yellow, orange, or grey are the next coolest colors.


So make sure you choose your tent wisely. Consider ventilation factors, which are not only related to provided holes but also tent material, construction of your tent, and most importantly the color of your tent.



Yes, the color of your tent matters, just in case if you haven’t considered it. Do note that they serve a functional purpose, like how much light are they going to allow to pass through, how much heat they are going to reflect or absorb, their ability to attract animals and insects, and visibility in case of an emergency.




Different colors respond differently when exposed to sunlight. For example, some colors absorb light and some reflect better compared to others.


This characteristic of the color of your tent has a direct relation with how warm or hot your tent would be under the sun or in winters how warm it could get. There are two main types of colors when it comes to tents, darker colors and lighter colors, but amongst them only a couple are the best. This article will help you decide; read along.




Light and bright coloured tents can keep a tent cool. Colors as property are heat energy sorted and stored. Therefore, white color is the best reflector, as a non-color, it will reflect all the light/heat and would not allow the tent to heat up as easily as compared to other colors.


On the other hand, the color red carries substantial energy itself – it gets warm on a scorching day. Although, it will also reflect the sunlight. Plus, bright color tents are easier to find, in case you are lost while camping, and the emergency team is carrying out a search operation.




As mentioned earlier, the color white is the best repellent of light. But is it the best color out there to repel UV rays and protect campers? No, it is not. The quality of the fabric will also play a vital role here, but as far as the color white is, UV rays will penetrate through it.


For sure no camper would like to put on sun screen all the time, especially for camping. Yellow and orange, however, are also brighter colors and can easily be spotted but they allow sunlight to pass through them easily and tents tend to get heated up quickly. It won’t be a delightful experience spending an evening under the scorching sun inside a yellow or an orange tent.




Instead of super light or striking bright colors, place your bet on blue. Blue will not only keep the tent cool, it will also provide protection against UV rays. However, it will absorb more heat compared to color white (the absorption of heat will vary, considering how dark or light the color blue is).



The color dark green is recommended for tents if they are to be placed in mountains or areas near the forest. The color is cool, pleasing to the eye, and can reflect a decent amount of heat. Again, that will vary considering the shades of green. Most summer camps are designed in light green color.


Aesthetic preference aside, the color of a tent does matter when you decide to camp in summer. There are tents available, specifically designed for the same purpose but still, you must consider the colors before paying an arm and a leg for a product. We hope this article is of help to you while deciding which color tent will be the coolest in hot weather.


Yet, we advise you to get the one you like the most because the color of your tent will not solve all problems during camping. Some might reflect the sunlight but will attract insects, bugs, or animals and there must be many other factors apart from color, that you must consider before purchasing a tent.


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