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What does hydrostatic head mean in a tent?

Hydrostatic head or the hh is the measure of the water which your tent can repel. In short, it is the meter that depicts how water resistant your tent material is. The hydrostatic head tells us how high a column of water a tent can hold before the water seeps through the tent.

The tent is made out of many different types of material. The most general one of them is the polymer. Now, while making the tent there are many things one person must be careful about. The most common one of them is the hydrostatic head of the tent.

This is the most important thing which one needs to check if they are going to a camp or are out buying some tent for one reason or the other. Many people didn’t know the meaning of the hydrostatic head or the HH on the tent and thus by any tent which they seem good or affordable.

This mistake is caused by many people and if you too are one of them, then you must read this article. We will tell you everything that you must know if you want to avoid these mistakes and buy a good quality tent for you to stay or camp.

Waterproofing is one of the most important things you must check while buying your tent. Your tent needs to be highly water-resistant. It will help you if rain occurs while you are camping or for any other purpose. 

The measurement of the hydrostatic head is one in the multiple of 1000 such as 1000,2000,3000 and so on. A 1000 level hydrostatic tent will be able to fend off the pressure of 1000mm column. As the hydrostatic value increase, the pressure on the tent will increase, so the higher hydrostatic value tent also high-pressure resistance.


Should you choose a high hydrostatic head tent or a low one?

Since it is a measurement of your tent’s waterproof ability, your tent must have high hydrostatic value. A tent with a high hydrostatic value will help you more in times of your camping.

If you are coming outside and suddenly there is a light shower of rain, then you need to have at least 1000 hh value of tent that will be able to hold the water off and prevent you from getting wet. A tent with a high hydrostatic head value is much better than a lower hydrostatic head tent.

To have a good camping trip without any disturbance, we recommend you buy a 5000+ hh value of a tent. It will give you all sorts of pleasure on the trip while protecting you from rain and storm easily. While selecting the tent, one mustn’t always depend upon HH value alone.

There are various other things which you must also check while buying a tent. Sure, High HH value is a good thing, but make sure you check other properties of the tent as well such as stitching design and material, etc before buying the tent.

Apart from checking the hydrostatic head value of the tent material also check for the hydrostatic value of the groundsheet.

Groundsheets are supposed to have high HH value than the rest of the ten. In addition to checking the HH value of the groundsheet also check for other properties of the groundsheet such as thickness and material of construction as these are also important.



Increase the Hydrostatic head value of the tent

Hydrostatic head and the water-resistance of your tent are two different things. Many people often get confused with them and that’s not the matter.

One cannot increase the hydrostatic value of their tent; however, they can surely increase the water-resistance of their tent easily. This can be done by using waterproof sprays on your tent and also by using seam sealers for your tent.

These two methods can significantly increase the hydrostatic head value of your tent without any problem. A high hydrostatic head value of the tent is much more preferable and people should buy at least 5000-10000+ hydrostatic head value tent.

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