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What Is The Difference Between Terrova And Ultrex?

Terrova and Ultrex have small differences, and are both pretty good options to consider if you want to buy a new trolling motor. The advanced features make sure they both remain up to date.

Ready to start a new hobby to have something to occupy your time now that you are bored? Fishing is indeed the way to go if that is your current situation. Being surrounded by the low thrum of your boat, the gentle lapping of the deep blue water all around you, and the fresh breeze rejuvenating you seem like a pretty good way to spend your time.

The additional excitement of getting to catch a fish of your choice is of course a bonus as well. But in order to do that you need to know just the kind of parts your boat will require to let you have a lovely day amidst nature. Since trolling motors are essential parts affixed to boats, here are certain types listed and differentiated so you know just where you stand.


Terrova Trolling Motor:

The sleek design of Terrova is not the only thing that makes it so popular and enviable among trolling motors. What truly adds to it is its i-Pilot GPS Trolling System that ensures that you can know exactly where to steer your boat in order to get a few beautiful catches. The sizeable LCD attached to it also makes it easier to read the commands on it. You will also be able to position your boat and control it automatically, making the process even more convenient.

In order to stow or deploy your trolling motor, a lever is provided so that you may choose either of the two based on whether you want your boat to move or be still. It is also assisted by the lift-assist design so that every time you try to stow your motor, it can be done without any hassles or issues.

The AutoPilot feature ensures that your boat can move in any direction you want merely by pointing your trolling motor towards it. The impressive aspect here is that it will make the required corrections to adjust according to the currents and wind all on its own.


Ultrex Trolling Motor:

If power steering is what you are looking for, Ultrex will fit your description perfectly. With a high level of responsiveness, you can expect to maneuver your boat with excessive ease and perfect control using this trolling motor. If you want an insight into what is drifting right under the water you are floating above, the imaging feature installed in it can do that for you.

All the features provided in Ultrex can be controlled and accessed very conveniently with a few clicks provided by the entire GPS control system built into it. You can also hope to get five times longer run on just one lone charge, increasing the duration during which you can make use of it. With the steering lock in place, you will not have to keep the motor pointed in the required direction as it will do it for you even if you remove your foot from the pedal.


Differences Between Terrova And Ultrex:

The first thing to know is that Terrova is the cheaper product when compared with Ultrex so if you are on a tight budget, perhaps considering it might be the wiser option.

Terrova also seems to have a much simpler and less complex system in comparison that some people happen to admire. If you enter into some kind of competition, this is the one to turn to as its widgets happen to be less fancy so you will not end up breaking a whole lot of things in the process.

A con, however, is that the imaging and sonar are fairly inferior compared to Ultrex. Ultrex has an unparalleled power steering system that very few can truly match up to. Terrova does not happen to be one of them. Its warranty generally happens to be quite long that works out in its favor.

To conclude, Decide on which you want to go for depending on the budget and the kind of features you are better interested in that are listed to make it all the easier for you.

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