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What is the fastest trolling motor?

The fastest trolling motor is one with 55 lbs of thrust like the Newport Vessel. It will move a small boat about 4-5 mph.

A trolling motor is your fishing companion that allows you to maneuver through the waters silently ensuring that the fishes are not scared away by the sound that is otherwise created if an outboard motor is used.

A trolling motor is normally not the primary source of propulsion, and is mounted along the outboard motor. It consists of an electric motor, propeller, controls and is attached at the bow or the stern of the boat. 

Before we jump into naming the fastest trolling motor lets go over the basics of how it works  to better help you grasp the technicalities of performance and speed, and to enable you to make an informed decision.

So, how does a trolling motor work? 

The basic parts of a trolling motor are:

  • Shaft 
  • Thrust
  • Control 
  • Propeller 
  • Motor 
  • Battery charger 
  • Terminal end 

To answer this question precisely, trolling motors can be controlled by three different controls; by handles, by pedals or by remote. The handles can be used to maneuver the boat through hands and the pedals are to make up for missed leg days. Remote control is by far the most efficient and easiest method to control the motor, allowing you to move like you would in super mario. It however adds quite a bit to the overall price of the motor.

These components form a connection with the motor which twists the propeller under the water. The propeller looks very similar to a fan, it can easily pass for its evil twin brother. It is through the twisting of the propeller that the motor drives the boat. The stronger the motor the more quickly the propeller turns and in turn moves the boat faster. The speed of the boat comes down to how much run the propeller has. 

A misconception

It is commonly misconceived by the boaters that pounds of thrust are directly related with the horse power. In reality these are two very distinct ways to measure force. Thrust is primarily the force that we apply on any particular object whereas horse power is basically measurement of the amount of work. 

Measurement of trolling motors is done in pounds of thrust, while gasoline engine is measured in horsepower.

Thrust and speed of the motor

Increase in thrust of the motor doesn’t increase the speed of the motor. They are not in direct proportion. In order to calculate the maximum speed of the motor you need to maximum RPMs, i.e rotations per minute. RPMs is the number of rotations around a fixed axis. Motors with different thrust but similar RPMs can reach the same top speed. 

The fastest trolling motor

A fast trolling motor will sure give you that exciting kick, but it is important to keep in mind that it can be affected by the type of your boat and the load that you have with you for your journey. Judging mainly by power and performance Newport Vessels is the fastest trolling motor available. If you are dreaming of cruising at top speed, this is definitely the one for you.


  • thrust of 55 pounds 
  • an aluminium handle of 6 inches 
  • 30 inch adjustable shaft
  • Consists of 8 different speed 
  • stainless steel body
  • 46 * 20 * 6 inches 

Some of our other top choices

Outsunny 12v

  • 12 volt motor 
  • 50 lbs thrust 
  • motor wattage 564
  • 30 inch shaft 
  • Consists of 7 speeds 
  • 5 forward 
  • 3 reverse 
  • 6 inch aluminium handle
  • 6.5 km/h top speed 

Minn kota endura C2 

  • 12 volt motor 
  • 30 lbs thrust level
  • 30 inch shaft
  • 6 inch handle 
  • 5 forward speeds 
  • 3 reverse speeds

Minikota powerdrive v2

  • 12 volt motor 
  • 45 lbs thrust level
  • 48 inch shaft 
  • foot control
  • 5 forward speeds 
  • 3 reverse speeds
  • indestructible shaft

Choosing the right motor is more difficult than it appears to be, these suggestions should help you out in picking the right one for yourself. It should be kept in mind that choosing the right motor should not just entirely depend upon speed, performance and durability should also be considered, because these are the factors that are useful in the long run.



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