What size battery do I need for a 30lb thrust trolling motor?

If you are talking about the best battery for a 30lb thrust trolling motor then make sure you go for a high-quality deep cycle marine battery because they are designed to run down to a discharged state and then a recharged one.

The type and size of battery most suitable for a 30lb thrust trolling motor is a 12 V deep cycle marine battery with at least a 110 amp hour rating, which usually comes under group 27 size battery. The more will be the amp-hour of the battery, the more it will run. And if talking in the context of reverse capacity, the best one will be of 180minutes reverse capacity. 

Still have you ever wondered how you can determine the best battery and the size for your trolling motor. Hereby we will be discussing all the necessary facts that you must consider buying a battery for your trolling motor and the further precautions you must take for its care.

Type: So, basically the automobile has both a battery and an alternator that performs the functions of your boat which have two battery types and that is cranking and deep cycle.

 Amp-hours generally determine how long you can operate your motor at different speeds. Generally, a deep cycle battery is used for regular operations whenever you are on the water.

On the basis of the internal structure also the batteries trolling monitors vary. Such as the most popular AGM that stands for absorptive glass mat is a standard solution for the industry. There are six open cells in it and they are also easy to maintain and do not require high professional supervision. It is generally preferred fir being maintenance-free and also has fewer corrosion problems than the wet cell.



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It is also well protected against vibrations and also has various charging rates.

Size: Size is the next important thing you must consider about your trolling might. Basically trolling motor is rated by pounds of thrust, so one with 72 to 75 pounds of thrust is compared to 1 horsepower. The expert so recommend the 5pounds of thrust fir every 200 pounds weight in your vehicle. The most reliable sizes of the battery fir trolling motors are 12V, 24V, and 26V. And in the case of trolling motors with thrust of 30 lbs should prefer a one with 12V.

Usage: The durability of the battery of a trolling motor entirely depends on the frequency, storage, and usage of it. So, make sure you are using it wisely but still, that doesn’t make sense in totally minimizing the usage. If you are a professional than you might require a 36V battery for peak performance and also you might need two or three of them. Along with this make sure you are making frequent use of the motor and provide a timely charging. 

Maintenance: The best and the most important part is the maintenance of the battery. You must recharge your battery on time after each time you complete your trip. If you frequently use your battery discharge or low charges then in future you might face more difficulties with the charging process. Since the marine trolling batteries need sulfur and lead, both are not good to health so the standard wet- cell battery will need you to conduct regular maintenance.

Damage: You must check out the problem of the damage in your battery and never dare to drop it because it can even explode. Then your t choice is very important because even general wear-and-tear from frequent waves can cause your battery to get damaged.


You need a battery size of 240Ahrating for a 55lb trolling motor. You will be using 20-40 amps depending on speed. A 240 will last you about 6 hours at 20 amp load.



Obviously, if you love fishing then the same you will be doing with your boat, small vessels, or even let’s say kayak. So, to ensure your boat assists you the best at your fishing experience you will make sure that you select a perfect battery to attain a stable performance.

Especially when you talk about a trolling motor then it requires or needs a deep cycle battery so that it can persist the high power demand continuously.

To get the better result make sure you have matched the discharge features of the battery and the consumption of your trolling motor. You must first know everything about your trolling motor so that you can determine which kind of battery it really needs.

So, here since we are talking about the trolling motors with a thrust of 55lbs. The first thing that we need to determine is the peak power drawn and in the case of this motor, it is 40amps. If you are using your motor for even at least 6hours at an average load of 20amps.

Then your trolling motor will be requiring a battery load of 120Ah

Even one with 240Ahrating with a deep cycle must be first kept at 50% to make sure the battery runs for longer. But always stick to the fact the deeper will be the cycling of the battery, the less overall life you will get.  So in this condition, your normal battery bank should be rated with 20 amps with a 10-hour rate.

You must not be aware of this fact but the way you use or the skill that you use to run your rolling motor determines a lot about the battery life of your battery. Because if you use the motor at average power levels of let say 30-40amps, then the battery capacity is generally cut off by 10-15%. So, make sure that you are using yours appropriately so that it can run for a longer time.


So, while making a choice of the most suitable battery for your trolling motor with a thrust of 55lbs then make sure you are trying to meet all the needs of your motor.

As you know the speed of the motor also derives the battery performance like if sharp heavy speed is chosen then it accordingly affects the battery life but if gradual speed is chosen then that might just give you less power and obviously good control as well.

Once you have opted for the most reliable battery for your trolling motor then the next thing required is the care and maintenance that obviously cannot be undetermined.


The basic problem in the battery starts with inappropriate charging this is because if you are only charging the battery occasionally and even not fully charging it then remember it will start to sulfate and you will lose the battery capacity. This will not only cost you with low battery performance but also that high service charge.

The sulfate composition so generated is the main reason to kill down your battery. This is why people generally prefer an on trailer vehicle-based charging system which does not have to face the problem of delayed charging.

Also, you must check the water levels, and either it is topped up with distilled one or not because even the electrolyte level falls in the summer season.

Also, stop referring to a cheap charger to auto-charge your battery because it can never even bring it up to the optimum condition. Do try to prefer a quality charger and rely on it. Also while making a charger choice make sure you are preferring one which can charge a 100Ah battery within 15-30amps.


Type: So, basically the automobile has both a battery and an alternator that performs the functions of your boat which have two battery types and that is cranking and deep cycle.


The best battery I have found for a trolling motor is Bass Pro Shops Pro Series AGM X-900. The 2nd best is the Odyssey trolling thunder 34M. Both are excellent.


You can use a marine battery for a trolling motor but you will be better off with a deep cycle battery as it will last longer. A marine battery is designed for quick burst of power not continuous use.

Marine batteries are majorly designed to be used on a boat with its heavier plates and athletic construction so that it can withstand the vibration and pounding that often occurs.