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Are pop-up tents good?

Pop-up tents are a popular new option that is up and coming in the camping marketplace.

Pop up tents are good. They save you setup time, taking only a few minutes from start to finish.


Known for their almost instantaneous set-up, they have been taking the camping community by storm. You must have also considered buying a pop-up, seeing the time they save, and their handiness. However, is this small advantage worth investing in a pop-up tent? Read on to see some basic info you need to know about pop-up tents and their pros and cons to help you decide if this is worth your time.


What exactly is a pop-up tent?

You may have seen a pop-up tent before, but have you actually looked at its build properly? This tent is held down to the ground by poles made of fiberglass, a plastic substance that is quite light compared to other metallic materials used for poles such as aluminium. Interestingly, this tent shows no need for guy-lines, just poles.

Furthermore, both sides have flaps which makes it easier for people to move in and out. The tent’s cover is made of canvas material, or sometimes, polyester. This means that those are not waterproof. The reason the tent “pops-up” is the inbuilt suspension mechanism that helps the poles jump up. These tents come in many varieties such as cabin and geodesic, but the most used is the dome style.



You might be thinking, “why should I buy a pop-up tent? What good does it do?”. Well, here are some examples of the good things pop-up tents have to offer. First of all, its setup is extremely quick and easy. All you have to do is fix the poles to the ground and take the tent out of the bag, which pops up on its own. So, if you are not keen on taking the time and effort to set it up, a pop-up tent is perfect for you.

Furthermore, as a pop-up tent is easy, it doesn’t require much gear for being set up. This means that you need to carry fewer things along with you on the trip. This is perfect for people who are backpacking as they don’t have to carry many things, and the poles are also light because they are with fiberglass.

As tents are extremely simple to use, these are perfect for on the spot use. If you move quickly from place to place, this tent is your ideal best friend. A pop-up tent is also very versatile. Families can use it for recreational trips, hikers for arduous hikes, and even festival go-ers for temporary housing that is cheap and easy to set-up.



Despite all these positive factors about pop-up tents, just like everything else, these tents have their own flaws. Although less gear needs to be packed, the tent itself is very bulky and takes a lot of space when packing as they don’t store compactly.

Furthermore, as they don’t have guy-lines, they aren’t sturdily held which means the tent isn’t stable. If you are looking for a strong tent that will get you through tough seasons, this is not the tent for you.

Moreover, as these tents are single-layered, they aren’t weatherproof. One layer of protection isn’t enough in more than mild conditions. There are some problems with the structure as well. First of all, if the tent breaks, there is no fixing it.

This is because as the suspension system is built-in, it is not possible to fix it from the inside. This means extreme caution is advised while dealing with pop-up tents as if it breaks, it is rendered useless.  Lastly, as there are more poles due to the lack of guy-lines, there is less headspace in the tent.

This restricts movement in the tent. If you are looking for a tent just for sleeping, then this is perfect. However, if you need a tent for more, you would need to watch your head.


Decision time!

Pop-up tents are mostly good and a little bad. It just depends on what you need it for. If you need a light tent to go on short trips where you don’t want to spend much time setting it up, then a pop-up tent is the answer to your dreams. However, if you are going into extreme weather conditions for long periods of time, then a pop-up tent is a curse for you.

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