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Do I Need a 2 or 3 Person Tent?

If you are wondering if you need a 2 or 3 person tent, then you should get the larger size. A 3 man tent is just big enough for 1-2 people with your equipment.

Many times when we have plans for a camping trip with friends or family, we want to have a way to protect ourselves from the weather, to be sure that wild animals or insects that prowl the plains or stop are not a nuisance, which is why many people tend to buy roof tents. They make camping trips a completely different experience, providing the security needed for any event that may occur.

But with this acquisition comes the question: Should I buy a roof tent with enough space for 2 or 3 people, although it may not seem like it is a very common question among campers and people looking for the best investment, some factors should be taken into account when buying one of these two options and what are its advantages and disadvantages.


Roof Tent for 2 People

These are usually much cheaper than those of 3 people and have optimal and comfortable space for its occupants without being excessive; these are usually installed in a shorter time than those of 3 people due to its more compact size.


-Easier and more dynamic assembly: This type of tents has a structure that will make its assembly at the time of its use much faster, this will save time and effort to the campers when they settle down or when they leave the place.

-Less weight in your vehicle: Many times our cars are not able to carry the weight of a roof tent so large or more than two people on the roof of the car, to avoid possible damage to your car the use of this type of roof tent will be optimal.

-Aerodynamic and simple design: The roof tents usually put a lot of resistance to the wind due to the material or its form while they are stored, this will make the car consume a great amount of gasoline or its handling is a bit rough, for that reason these tents are created so that the space that they occupy or its parts when being stored are not annoying at any moment.

-Optimal and necessary space: They fulfill their purpose in a good way since they have the appropriate space to sleep or to take shelter and to keep inside stored electronic devices, equipment, provisions that will be always available to the campers.


-They’re not storm-ready: This type of rooftops cannot usually cover strong storms such as rain or snow; its rapid assembly and its material more simple and ergonomic make it suffer from this type of weather contingencies.

-They are not so safe: Because they are easy to install on the roofs, it makes them more easily subject to thieves, extra security measures must be added to prevent theft or robbery.

-They are not durable: These rooftops as mentioned above have materials that will not often have the necessary durability for several years of continuous use, less if the person is a regular camper or conditions are adverse.



Roof Tent for 3 People

These are the most expensive and contain a fairly large space, its structure or frame is generally made of hard and resistant materials. Their installation time takes some time because they need to be properly secured before further use.


-Can be used in bad weather: The roof tents for 3 people are designed and have the necessary materials to withstand adverse weather conditions, this makes them ideal for mountaineering and camping in places where there are strong climatic storms.

-Space for what you need: With no need to skimp on anything, these roof tents will give you all the space you need at the moment, in addition to having the desired amount of objects inside it, providing space for the rest of its occupants without discomfort.

-More security: due to the complex process of its installation, these roof tents often contain integrated security devices or locks that will make it impossible to steal it at any time.


-More complex assembly: due to space and its resistant structure, it entails a longer time of assembly but mechanical that will require the use of tools or force so that this properly armed.

-Not all cars can carry it: Small or medium cars are not ideal for this type of roof tent, they usually occupy enough space on the roof and must be strong enough to hold the roof tent and the occupants in addition to everything inside it.

After all the information exposed in this article, the reader might no longer struggle to decide whether to buy a 2 or 3 person tent. Both have their benefits and perks, but both are solid options to buy if you are going on a camping trip.

You should decide to buy the more suitable for you and your partners on the trip.

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