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Is It Hard To Drive An RV?

It is not hard to drive an RV once you have some practice changing lanes and parking. Also, watch our for bad weather.

RV is not a small or medium vehicle. It is just like a small apartment. In RV all the facilities are present like kitchen, sleeping area, dining table and many more. People are mostly worried when they purchase RV because it is very hard to drive. Most people do not purchase Class A RV because it is very hard to drive and every person, especially the new one, cannot drive it but, it is not as much hard to drives as people think. From the very start for the totally new person it is hard with the passage of time it is not tough or difficult to drive.

Important to know about drive and RV

RV driving is not as much easy and difficult task. It depends on the place or roads.

On the straight Road

RVs are very easy to drive on the straight roads. The new person starts driving RVs on the straight and big road. They need just few seconds to learn on the straight and big road but on less busy roads.

Hilly Street and Parallel parking

It is not easy to drive in hilly street because RVs are big and it is heavy too. So, it can be out of control. It is not very easy to park in parallel. It is very heavy vehicle and people cannot drive it in the hilly street and especially when the area is not smooth. It is very large vehicle and driver feels not easy to park it in the parallel parking.

RV journey changes from the car journey

RV journey totally changes from the car journey. People reach on time on their destination, while driving a car. Hence, they require more time to reach his destination while driving RVs. During RVs driving, people feel fatigued,. There arm and shoulder are straight while driving RV, RV drive thinks and attar more due to its size and heaviness. The driver of the RV needs some mental rest to intense focus. A car driver can drive faster than RV driver and take shorter and fewer break while driving for the long-distance, while RV driver cannot drive faster. They need longer break for a longer time. After driving 75 to 100 miles driver have to take break because of mind relaxation remove the stretches in the legs and shoulder. Mostly prefer distance per day of the RV drivers are 250 miles and not more than 300 miles a day.

Busy and small traffic Roads

Rv is difficult to drive in the busy and small roads because RV is large and heavy if you don’t care about it you will stop all the traffic on the busy roads.


Driving RV is very difficult; it depends on the size and the class of the RV. Class B RV is Small RVs and made for those people who have small family and friends and who want to drive it easily.

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