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When’s the best time to buy a tent?

One of the biggest dilemmas of any camper- novice or expert- is when to buy a tent.

The best time to buy a tent is in the off season after the holidays so that is January.


Find out about clearance sales.

Most stores host clearance sales towards the end of camping season to get their inventory unloaded. This is an exceptionally good time to find good camping gear at discounted times. In areas with seasonal changes, these clearance sales are a very good opportunity as stores are trying to make space for their next season products. Towards the onset of winter is a good time. However, there is one drawback. The choices in clearance sales may be lower as most of their inventory is sold during the peak of camping season.


Holiday sales are the way to go.

The holy grail of advice for buying tents is to never buy during summer. Always buy tents during winter. Holiday sales and discounts are great way to buy quality gear without making your wallet bleed. This also when a lot of older models go on sale. Another good option to look for tents is online on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon. Going second-hand could also dramatically reduce costs.


Shop during off-season.

Off-season is when a lot of companies are scrambling business. Shopping when everyone else is working is a good strategy. During exam seasons or appraisal times, it is unlikely for people to be planning vacations, reducing the traffic for buying gear. Now is a good time to swoop in to buy tents. This is also a time for new releases and an abundance of options. Do your research beforehand about what you want to buy to avoid wasting time.


Time to look at brand names

Many top brand names have specific discount and sale times that you should keep an eye on. Moreover, get as many coupons and vouchers possible and use it within their validated time to save some more bucks on some big brand name tents.

Overall, the best times to buy a tent change from place to place. Keep in mind to buy during off-season when it is late fall and early winter. Sometimes, early summer is also a good time to buy tents as it is just the beginning of camping season. Keep in mind big brand name sales and any coupons or vouchers you can find.

Moreover, opt to shop during big consumer holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Some of the best places to buy from are eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace. You can sometimes find products for less than half the original price online. Be on the lookout for local clearance sales. These can give up to 75% of a discount on quality tents.

Moreover, if you truly are dedicated to spending as much time as possible on buying, you can almost always find tents on sale anywhere. However, you may not find a discount of your dream product. Sometimes it maybe online from a smaller seller or in your town from places that are not so well-known.

Always do your research on the brands you are interested in buying from. Keeping tabs can help understand the tent marketplace, keep track of new releases, stay up to date with new offers and sale and possibly even bag an impressive collection of coupons. Knowing what to buy is crucial and that can often help narrow your search of when to buy it.

a tent is versatile in use and can be used by hiking enthusiasts, families looking for a wilderness retreat or even just set out on the lawn to look at stars.

Investing in camping gear is a gamble that can be won through careful deliberation. By following a few of the tips above, you can shave off some of the high prices and have a fantastic holiday in your new tent.

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