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Can you lose weight with Archery?

Being an active sport, archery can help you to maintain your physical and mental fitness.

You can lose some weight with archery as it burns about 200 calories per hour.

More often people perceive wrongly that archery is not as physically demanding as other sporting activities. Archery of modern times, demands full concentration and focused attention which tax the body of every player. Interestingly, many people never recognize the fact that archery offers many health benefits and make to fit like any other workouts. Of course, one needs to look for a balanced diet and other exercises to win this unique sport.

Loss of calories

As per the recent findings archery has been in second place in terms of caloric-burn activity falling next to the marathon. By way of core engagement a player always puts his or her body into the afterburn mode even after the task is completed. Generally, it takes time to reach the normal temperature as the muscles still work to burn calories.

This is the uniqueness found in this activity, wherein you are burning your crabs even after taking rest or walking after the shooting event. Hence, it is considered a healthy sign as this workout impacts your right fitness.

A Brief History

Before discussing our main topic of archery to lose weight, let us know a brief history of this thrilling sport. The concept of bows and arrows is as old as several thousand years back and as per historians, the oldest arrowheads are found in the cave regions of South Africa. Much after this period, bow fragments were seen in Germany as well as in Denmark in 8000BC and 6000BC respectively. It is believed that bows and arrows were used by men for hunting as well as for self-protection.

With time, archery has been made as a sport and now it has become famous in International gaming events like Olympics and thereby making use of bows and arrows for competition. With the advent of technology and evolution, the shapes of bows and arrows of the modern era have witnessed a phenomenal transformation allowing the players to gain better accuracy in the shooting games.

What are health befits offered by archery?

Though archery is a sport wherein a player needs to stand at a fixed place well away from the given target board that carries the Bull’s Eye. Many assume here, the game archery does not require any power of strength like the other sports. It is not true. Many are not aware of the fact of how much physical prowess is needed to perform and to hit the target that is well away from the player. There is no second opinion that this amazing game of archery offers various fitness benefits to the players. For the interest of the readers and the beginners, some of these fitness benefits are shared below.

Core Strength

Engaging your core seems to be the real USP behind the strength training. It is constantly being engaged while firing your arrows to the target. As per experts, your arms muscles are tightened while remain in your still posture. You will be experiencing a constant engagement while and before releasing your arrows. Your steady breath burns enough calories while you are putting your resistance before the shooting. It offers the same impact as planking.

Muscle Control

In archery, you tend to train your muscles and thereby reduce the load on them during pulling back your bow for shooting. By this one can have better control over the muscles which prevents wobbling or shaking of hands which improves the overall performance. Trainers indicate such changes during the training period so that one can feel such controlling power of these muscles. Also, such control enhances mental stability as well. Such control on the muscles is one of the top benefits of playing archery sport.

Breath Control

Like muscle control, archery helps you to work your way out in tough situations. As the aspect of being patient is one of the main ingredients of effective training, a player can have better control over his or her breath which makes to fit all the time. As per yoga experts, good control on your breath ensures that all the other parts as well as the blood circulation are maintained for optimum levels. Perhaps, this is one of the boons of this sport where players always look calm and composed on and off the track. The technique of archery to lose weight comes through this breath control.


Archery offers the players a perfect balance of all the control systems of the body. As per medical experts, such a balance seems to be the culmination of all the body parts like bones, eyes, joints, inner ears, muscles, and the central nervous system. All these parts coordinate to produce some stunning results for the players in shooting the target. More importantly, the coordination of eyes and hands work with perfection in getting the desired results. Not many sports get this feature without any bodily movement. Of course one needs to have a perfect practice to get such a balance.

Undoubtedly, the wonderful sport archery can help you in maintaining your physical as well as mental fitness. However, experts say that it should be a part of your regular weight loss or other health programs. Being a physical sport, archery will surely enhance your mental acuity to a great extent.

Of course, you need to devote much of your time to get the maximum benefit from this amazing archery to lose weight as well as improving your skills. To achieve your goal, all you need to do is to sport out, keep at it and you are assured to reap the fruits of your consistent efforts.

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