What is a good draw weight for beginners?

A good draw weight for beginners is 35 lbs. The size depends on your size, a smaller person or child 15 lbs, a large person 70 lbs.


Understanding the importance of finding your draw weight increases your potential and offers an irresistible experience in the archery fields. You should acknowledge these factors before purchasing your bow for the first time. 

What is the best draw weight for beginners?

The good draw weight for beginners depends upon several factors such as the following-

  • Age of the archer
  • The bow type 
  • Draw length of the bow 

Mostly fresh archers opt to draw weight ranging between twenty to thirty pounds, which allows you to be focused on achieving other vital things like the accuracy level and posture. However, at times, the age factor can go wrong when the strength of the particular person excels his or her age.

 Read further for detailed content regarding the ultimate draw weight that a person could choose to excel as an archer.

Calculating your draw length 

If you are an aspiring archer, then it is inevitable for you to first calculate your draw length. The first step to learn and master the art of archery is to know how to find the draw length. 

The draw weight ranging is different between recurve and compound bows but the draw length will surely be the same. You can calculate the draw length by following diverse methods. 

  • Draw check Indicator is a device that will be available with any archery vendor or you can also buy one. This is a fake bow and arrow, and you can calculate your full draw length by pulling the string backward. 
  • Traditional methods used by archers to calculate draw length is done by Measuring the length of your arm and then dividing it by 2.5. This method allows you to calculate the accurate draw length, and it helps in calculating your draw weight. 

What is the draw weight?

The draw weight is the amount of total strength that you need to make while pulling the string in the backward motion and releasing the pulled arrow. It is measured in the rate of pounds. The draw length directly affects the draw weight ranging and choosing the perfect draw weight influences your ability to shoot. 

You tend to lose energy level while keep shooting the arrows for a longer period. Thus when you understand your draw weight it helps in shooting accurate shots and still possesses enough energy level to shoot for longer periods. 

Factors that affect draw weight 

If you want a smooth shooting activities and pleasant experience, then finding the perfect draw weight could do the magic. The draw weight will help in determining the strength required to draw the bow while aiming and shooting. The weight of the bow affects the draw weight. While you continuously use a heavier bow you might become tired, hurt your arms easily and quickly.

 This will reduce the efficiency and brilliance of your performance level for some time. Calculating your draw weight will provide you that extra strength levels for you to keep targeting and shooting for hours without any inconvenience or swelling or discomfort. 

Choosing a bow that is appropriate weight will help you to retain your strength even after multiple shooting practice and real sessions. 

How to Calculate the compound bow draw weights?

We have crafted a successful draw weight chart exclusively designed for the benefits of women, men, and children who are planning to use a compound bow. Though the draw weight ranges might be different for each person, this is just the unique calculations that can work well for beginners. It is a basic concept recommended by professional archers for newbies to benefit and succeed. You should, however, try a different range of draw weight levels and discover that range which makes you feel comfortable while shooting. 

  • Very Small kid archers 

Children weighing between 55 to 70 lbs   –  Compound bow draw weight of 10 to 15 lbs.


  • Small children archers

Children weighing between 70to100 lbs – compound bow draw weight15 to 20 lbs.


  • Larger kids archers

Children weighing between 100 to 130 lbs  – Compound bow draw weight 25 to 35 lbs.


  • Small women archers 

Women weighing 100 to130 lbs. – compound bow draws weight between 25 to 35 lbs.


  • Medium frame women 

Women weighing between 130 lbs to 160 lbs. – compound bow with 30 to 40 lbs.


  • Larger frame women 

Women who are 160 and more lbs – compound bow draw weight between 45 to 50 lbs. 


  • Small frame men

Men frame ranging between 120 to 150 lbs – compound weight between 45 to50 lbs.


  • Medium frame men

Men ranging between 150 to 180 lbs  –  compound draw weight between 45 to 55 lbs.

Larger frame men 

 men ranging between 180 + lbs – compound bow draw weight between 65 to 75 lbs.

Now it is an easier task to figure out your accurate draw weight and remember to calculate according to your gender, and strength. 

Calculating Recurve bow draw weight

If you are planning to start your archery journey with the recurve bow, then the following chart will allow you to easily calculate your draw weight. draw weight for beginners of a recurve bow is slightly different as compound bows possess a higher level of draw weight and at the same time, it is easier and simpler to hold. 

Recurve bows are light weighted and do not consume much of your energy even when you consistently keep shooting for a longer period. The following chart will allow you to decide to draw weight calculation, to excel as a beginner archer. 

  • Smaller kids 

Children weighing between 55 to 70 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 10 lbs to 15 lbs.


  • Small kids

Children weighing between 70 lbs to 100 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 10 lbs to 15 lbs.


  • Larger children 

Children weighing between 100 lbs to 130 lbs – 15 lbs to 25 lbs.


  • Small women

Women weighing between 100 to 130 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 25 lbs to 35 lbs.


  • Medium women

Women weighing between 130 lbs to 160 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 25 lbs to 35 lbs 


  • Larger women 

Women weighing 160 lbs and above – Recurve Bow draw weight between 30 lbs to 45 lbs.


  • Small men 

Men weighing between 120 lbs to 150 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 30 lbs to 45 lbs


  • Medium men

Men weighing between 40 lbs to 50 lbs – Recurve Bow draw weight between 40 lbs to 50 lbs


Larger men

Men weighing 180 lbs and above – Recurve Bow draw weight between 45 lbs to 55 lbs. 

Initially start using bows with lightweight and as your shooting ability is increased you can experiment with more heavy bows as your level of experience is increased. Remember, to choose the best equipment that withstands your core strength for a longer period and feels fabulous in your hands. You can use the above pre-calculated numbers as a reference while choosing a compatible bow. Good luck!