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Do you have to register a slide-in camper?

You have to register the slide-in camper. For further detail, it depends on the law of the state. Hence, in some states it has to register only one time while purchasing a slide-in camper.

Slide-in camper is an RV and first introduced by North America. Camper with slides is designed with movable walls in which one or more than one wall are movable. These movable sections know as slides that is why it is called camper with slides. This slide is to increase or decrease the interior living space. Campers with slides only contain dinette which is called full-wall slide. There are other different facilities like fridge and appliance.

You have to pay your sale tax on your camper too. Remember it, that the registration of the slide-in camper is not a big mystery. The only thing in which it is come down and that is “revenue”. In some countries it has that truck camper generate income so it has to register to get revenue for the state. Unfortunately, that is the way it is.

The reality is that the slide-in camper does not generate income like Motorhomes, fifth wheel, travel trailer, etc. the is also a reality that mostly slides-in camper does not have a vehicle identification number (VIN) like the other RVs. Slide-in camper is considered a cargo in some countries. fortunately, 42 states agree with this statement.

States which require registration of the slide-in camper

These require the registration of slide-in campers such as Idaho, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington.

States that require a title on the slide-in camper

You might be a wonder to know that some state not only requires registration of the slide-in camper but also a title on the slide-in camper. There are 9 different states that required a title on the slide-in camper for the proof that this is your own truck camper, but, what about those countries which do not have title on the slide-in camper.

This is the certificate on which all the numbers of your slide-in camper are mentioned such as vehicle identification number with all the signature of the dealer with complete dealing detail. You have to this certificate when you want to purchase you’re your truck camper or the slide-in camper. These 9 are Oregon, Tennessee, Washington, Idaho Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana and Ohio.

There are different laws of the different state for the registration of the slide-in camper. Unfortunately, in most state there a registration of the slide-in camper.

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