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Is RV loans tax deductible?(Yes, depending on area)

RV loans are tax-deductible if your RV is according to the law and after some limitations from the state.

It is the law that the loan which is taken to build or purchase a home, is tax-deductible. Here it is mention that the loan which is taken for home, the home included; first home, second home, house mobile home, condemnation, cooperative, house trailer, boat or that type of property where you can sleep, cook and toilet facilities are available. hence, RV is just like a small apartment, where the best luxurious kitchen, sleeping area for a small and larger family, toilet, refrigerator, and many spaces to keep your daily life good and above all where you can live full time. More info.

If your RV has these 3 facilities like residency, kitchen, and bathroom then you can get the facility of the deductible loan.

Limitation to why you may not deduct your loan or tax

Limitation of loan deductibility is on the first and second home. If you get this facility on your first and second home and RV is your third home then you cannot get this facility because this is only on two houses.

On which place you can do the deduction on you tax

You can make this decision after the following steps. First, you check the recent year amount of interest you have to pay on the loan. You can get this information from the early February through your bank, or in early February bank send you a Form 1098 in which all your loan payment has been mentioned. After checking the Box 1 you can know the amount of your loan which you have to pay in the year.

Secondly, on the schedule A tax Form you will know the tax payable amount and put it in Line 10 in the same form. In the last, if you work with the CPA you work with them during the tax season. You share your Form 1098, make it sure, and request them to deduct the share of the tax of your RV loan.

Rules are different in different countries

The rules and regulation of every country are not same. There are many states who even not allow living full time in your RV on your personal property. There is also some country which not only allows to live full time in your RV but also makes park for RVs. It is important to ask questions from CPA and clear the rules and regulation of your own state.

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