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What is a camper on a truck?

The camper on a truck is a recreational Vehicle. A removable shell fits on top of a pickup truck making room for 2 to sleep.

The truck camper is first introduced by North America. The truck camper is especially for those people who like to go to different places very frequently. They want to live in their truck camper with all the basic goods. Now, truck camper is very common especially in North America and Australia. It can be seen very frequently like cars on the roads. Even in North America, it is considered a car.

Features of truck camper

The truck camper is the best for those people who want to go for a different adventure in their own car with full of facilities. People can live in truck camper easily all the time.

The modify truck camper is just like the small apartment which has all type of facilities. In different countries the loan is tax deductable which has taken to purchase truck camper because it has all the facilities of home such as kitchen, sleeping space and bathroom.

Not only 2 persons but more than 2 persons can live in truck camper at a time, it depends on the size and capacity of the truck camper.

Different types of truck camper

After making camper on the truck, it has been modified and introduced different types of truck campers.

  • Clamshell

It is manufactured in Canada and consist consists of two fiberglass shells, joined horizontally, at the center.

  • Hardside Filon- Wood Framed

The frame of Hardside Filon is made of wood and a thin fiberglass layer on a wood backing.

  • Hardside Filon- Aluminum-framed

The frame of this camper is made of aluminum, and the finished in Filon, a thin fiberglass layer on a wood backing.

  • Hardside aluminum 

This is a camper using wood or aluminum framing, both are there and present according to the demand of the person. This is finished with aluminum siding.

  • Campers with slides 

Camper with slides is designed with movable walls in which one or more than one wall are movable. These movable sections know as slides that is why it is called camper with slides. This slide is to increase or decrease the interior living space. Campers with slides only contain dinette which is called full-wall slide. There are other different facilities like fridge and appliance.

People use it as a car and it has all type of facilities like facilities provided in the small apartment. First people fix a camper on the truck in North America, but after that, a proper Truck camper has been introduced which are RVs and now it can be seen on the roads like a car.

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