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How Far Can A 35 lb Bow Shoot?

Many beginners keep on asking about the efficiency of different bows based on their overall weight.

A 35 lb bow can shoot 20 yards will force needed for hunting and about 75 yards at a target.

You may find a variety of answers to this question on the internet. But actually, it is all based on the experience of an individual. Different professionals may give you different details about the weight range. In the article below, you will find some information about the same. It is important to mention that these details are based on my experience with recurse bow.

Different bow weight and draw weights:

First of all, it is important to understand that draw weight usually varies with the overall draw length. If you are using a recurve bow with a 40-pound weight, the draw weight will reach to 40 pounds when the bow is pulled up to 28 inches. It means when you pull it up to 26 inches, the weight will be lesser, and when the draw is pulled to 29 inches, the weight may be slightly higher than 40 inches.

So, while talking about bow weight and draw weight, one should equally consider the preferred draw length as well. Different archers may have different draw length. The beginners may start with the smaller one; however, it could be improved with continuous practice.

Many people believe that a 30 to 25 lbs draw weight is enough to continue with recreational practices. Well, if your form is right on the point and the aim is targeted well, you can hit the target successfully even from a distance of 60 to 70 yards. This weight range is more suitable for the small frame of females and youths. Those who have trouble with the draw weight higher than 30lbs may find it a reasonable choice for recreational needs.

On the other side, 35lbs may be a suitable choice for hunting in a few cases. But it is important to mention that these bows do not deliver the required amount of kinetic energy to hit the target, especially when you are shooting from the distance of more than 15 to 20 yards. Hence, experts usually recommend a bow of more than 40 lbs draw weight for hunting practices.

Note that in some states, it is illegal to hunt with a bow higher than 40lbs range. Hence, you should be careful while making a selection and prefer to consider specific rules in your area. The standard range for determining suitable bow weight is the draw length of 28 inches. The pounds are indicated using # symbol on the lower limb of the bow.

If you are new to the field of archery and are not able to decide whether 35lbs bow weight is suitable for you or not, it is good to take help from your coach or some experts around. They may guide you better depending upon your technique and draw length.

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