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How many shots does a compound bow last?

A bow will last about 4k shots if 4 per day for 3 years. Many last even longer.

A bow requires maintenance to operate and perform at its best. Well, it is very similar to an automotive, which requires occasional oil and fuel checking and replacement.

But how many shots will your compound bow last and how often should you go in for service? What must be repaired in the bow for its seamless use? Here is all you need to learn about bow maintenance.

General Wear

Basic wearing is applicable to all mechanical devices and a bow is no exception. And it is the bowstring that bears the maximum wearing. Bowstrings of compound bow compounds require consistent and regular up-keep and eventually need replacement. If you ever watch slow-motion videos of a bow being shot, you will observe that the bowstring takes the real force and may wear over time.

Proper storage of bow especially in a climate-controlled setting promotes prolonged life of a bowstring.

Did you know a compound bow’s tuning adjustments are highly affected by string stretch? And, high temperatures make them stretch more rapidly, so to prevent unwanted stretch, bows must be stored indoors in a climate-controlled setting. Besides that, regular application of bowstring wax is an important aspect of compound bow maintenance. Also, the bowstring’s servings undergo wear, causing servings to loosen over time. A technician at a local archery store is the best person to repair the serving or replace the entire string.

Replacement of Bowstrings

Similar to automobile tires, bowstring eventually wear-out over time. The real question is when is the replacement required? How many shots does a bow last before the replacement of bowstring? It primarily depends on draw weight, shooting pattern, and maintenance practices of the bow.

A thoroughly and well-maintained drawstring can be used for 3 years and after that, it may need replacements. However, if you observe any fraud or broken strands, the bowstring must be replaced right away. At times you may be confused while evaluating if the bowstring needs replacement or not, the best practices suggest visiting a nearby archery store for expert advice.


Well, young and growing archers make notice that their bow no longer fits perfectly. That is because bows must also adjust in-accordance to their body to ensure comfort and accuracy to young archers. However, bow technicians can easily adjust the majority of bows of young archers.

Annual Tuning

12 months, 365 days, a lot happens throughout the year, the best practices suggest an annual visit to a bow technician. Tuning gone bad, bowstring stretch, and other things knocked out of alignment, a bow technician will evaluate and refine everything that is wrong with the bow.

Drops and Spills

Even seasoned archers are susceptible to accidents. Even if you accidentally drop your bow, it is highly recommended to take it to a technician immediately. Besides that dry-firing a bow is both scary and dangerous. It is advisable to check yourself for any injuries after a dry-fire. If unharmed, the bow must be placed back in the case right away and taken to a technician for further assessment.

A well-maintained compound bow offers 3 years of thorough enjoyment.

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