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What is an archery target called?

An archery target is known as a bale, and the sheet of paper that is attached to it is identified as the face. The size of the face can vary depending upon the seriousness of the competition and the distance that separates it from the archer.

Commonly, target faces are available in diameters of 40, 60, 80, and 122 centimeters. This implies that when you are getting a bale and target face, you must ensure that their sizes correspond to each other.

In the present day world, target archery can be conducted both indoors and outdoors; what distinguishes these two from one another is the archer’s distance from the target. In the case of indoor archery, the target is fixed at a distance of 18 m-25 m, while on the other hand, outdoor distances range from 30 m to as long as 90 m.

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you start with a large bale and target face so that you have enough space to practice with your arrows and with time, enhance your skills and precision.


Composition of the archery target

As you must have seen in images, archery faces comprise multiple concentric circles that are either marked by different colors or, separated from one other by dark black lines.

The distinct colors or, circle denote the different sets of points that are to be assigned to the archer after his arrow has hit the target. Ideally, there should be around 10 rings on the board spaced at equal distances from one another. Other than this, there is an additional ring inside the target face and that is marked as “X”. Because this X looks like a spider, if your arrow hits the innermost circle, the shot will be called a “spider”.

This “X” ring qualifies as the tie-breaker in outdoor competitions. For instance, if there are two archers who have scored the same, the who has hit the X the maximum number of times will come through as the winner.


Types of archery targets

The most intriguing bit lies in the fact that you can make an archery bale out of anything you wish. It is essentially your equipment and goals that will influence the kind of target you bale and target face you should have at your disposal.

Besides, you should also ask yourself simple questions like how often will you practice archery? Will you set up your target indoors or outdoors? How heavy are the arrows that you would be drawing? Pay heed to all these aspects and then figure out the material and type of bale you want to get your hands on. The generic categories of bales include layer foam block targets, bag targets, solid foam block targets, 3-D targets, and hay bales.

The moment you hear the word “archery”, we are certain that your mind fabricates an image where an archer is letting out his arrows from a bow, aiming at the bull’s eye painted on the target in front of him.

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