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What Is an Archery Target Ring Called?

The rings marked over an archery target are better known as scoring rings. The standard archery boards can have ten evenly spaced rings, and they carry certain value ranging from the outer ring to the inner one. There are usually five colours that represent two rings in sequence.

When you are using a 10-ring target, it is basically a five-colour format with distance up to 90 meters. Note that in the international archery practices, there are generally two main bow styles: compound and recurve. The recurve target archery is followed during the Olympic programme; whereas the compound form is preferred during World Games; however, both types are included in the Paralympic games.

Outdoor target ring:

The recurve athletes prefer to shoot the targets at a distance of 70 meters, whereas the compound athletes are observed to follow an estimated distance of 50 meters. In both cases, the athletes shoot the traditional white, black, blue, red and yellow target which score one for the outer ring and 10 for the innermost.

The recurve targets are usually found to be 122 cm in diameter where the 10th ring is observed to have 12.2 cm diameter. On the other side, compound target diameter is 80cm, and the 10th ring, in this case, is 8cm in diameter. In most of the international competitions, the compound ring targets use to have only three rings, including blue, red and yellow colours. It is just to reduce the size of the target mat.

Indoor target ring:

For indoor target archery, the compound as well as recurve bow athletes prefer shooting targets from the overall distance of 19 meters. Athletes in both bow styles shoot over white, black, blue, red and yellow where the outer ring is again signed one point, and the innermost hold 10 points. The smaller ten ring arrangement have 2cm diameter for the compound athletes, whereas for recurve bow practitioners, the outer ring diameter uses to be 4cm.

The beginners in the field of archery find it difficult to hit the arrow at the middle point, which can provide the highest score. However, with practice and precision in technique, you may learn to hit the middle gold or yellow colour.

At the beginning stage, experts often advise archers to start with comparatively bigger targets so that they can avoid loss of arrows. You can choose variable distance depending upon whether you are practising indoors or outdoors. However, as you learn more techniques and begin mastering your draw, you can move to more precise selections of targets and distance.

Market these days is loaded with a variety of targets and the face. Prefer to be more careful about the size and material of the target. Your investment should serve you in the long run with higher durability. The score rings on the target are precisely designed, so it is better to use standard faces to master your technique. Regular practice can help you achieve more accuracy to hit the highest scoring ring.

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