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Will a Hay Bale Stop an Arrow?

If you are into the field of archery, you might have seen that there are different types of targets.

A hay bale will stop an arrow. They are very dense, work well and are readily available.

Archers shoot bag targets, little targets, block targets, big targets, 3D targets and many more versions of these targets. The market is loaded with different size and styles for archery targets.

Those who are new to the archery and want to know more about the best type of bale to stop the arrow are advised to go through the details below:

What is a bale?

In simple terms, a bale is basically a target, and it can be made up of a variety of materials such as cloth rugs, straw, hay, foam scraps, and high-density plastic foam. Some experiences archers also prefer to make target bales using compressed carpet and a few additional materials such as magazines, newspapers, cardboard and old clothes.

The face is a paper target that we attach to the bale. These target faces are available with different diameters such as 122, 80, 60 and 40 centimetres. While making a selection for the target face, you have to consider the size of the bale as well. Experts advise beginners to start practising with the large bale so that they do not lose the arrows. The type of equipment you use and the unique archery goals determine what kind of target you may need.

When should you consider hay bale?

Hay bales are mainly made up of herbaceous plants. To make these targets, the plants are cut, allowed to dry and then packed together. These targets are more suitable for beginners as they are cheap and big enough. Moreover, the arrows penetrate into these targets with ease. Those who are shooting with low poundage bows do not find any trouble in sticking arrows to the hay bales. Another reason for preferring these targets is that they can accommodate larger target faces with ease.

At the same time, it is important to mention that hay bales can deteriorate quickly; especially when they are kept outdoors. They can be either munched by animals or damage to the weather. Experts advise covering these targets with some tarp, or you should place them safely inside garage or barn. However, their bundles get collapsed as soon as they are shot.

It is possible to buy hay bales from archery stores, and you can also get them from gardener or farmer stores. Beginners prefer these targets more because they are very forgiving; however, they do not last long like other foam materials. The foam can be used time and again, but this is not true with the hay bales.

There is no doubt to say that hay bale can stop your arrow; moreover, it ensures better penetration as well. The bigger size of these targets makes them suitable for beginners as they can save the loss of arrows. The hay bales can be used indoor and outdoor as well. You can even buy many of them with different size ranges for progressive archery practices.

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