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Do you know what female archers are called?

The term archers is a gender-neutral word, both males and females who use now are referred to as the archers. Just like actors, the term is applicable for both male and female actors. In the old days they were called archeress.

This change came as a total shift for athletes across the world and the organizing country, Japan. Now everyone needs to reinstate their timetables one year forward. But truth be told, the Olympics Games are spectacular events, the world comes together to celebrate sports. The magnificence of the games is evident from its viewers, who gather to watch gymnasts, archers, cyclers, and many more.

Olympic archery has gained tremendous popularity since its inception at the Paris 1900 Games. Did you know, archery was removed from the games, but has been maintaining a rock-solid position since its 1 return in1972.

Let us learn some interesting facts about Archery


Olympic Archers started with arrowing pigeons

According to World Archery, the introduction of Archery to the Olympics game in 1900 involved popinjay competition. This competition was about shooting a plastic bird from atop a pole.

Archery is one of the safest sport

As per the journal published by the National Safety Council, archery is 3x times safer than golf. Not just, the USA Archery certificates that archery is even safer than bowling.

The competition arrows fly super fast

Telegraph published a journal stating arrows in competition fly faster than sprinting cheetahs. The speed of the former is recorded around 150 mph, whereas a cheetah maxes out at about 90 mph.


Are you Toxophilite?

Toxophilite, sounds like a funny word, right? But, it is a legitimate word referring to people who love bows and arrows. It is a Greek monomer originating from toxos meaning bow and arrow and Philos meaning love.

Archery disappeared from the Olympic Games for 5 decades.

It sounds unbelievable, right? How did archery go from missing to most-loved? The sport was introduced to the Olympics Games in 1900, but due to lack of international uniformity in rules and equipment, the sport was dropped from the Olympic games in 1920. After the foundation of entering World Archery, the sport returned in the 1972 Games after 5 decades and has been popular and staple since.


The very first Olympic sport to allow female competitors

The origin of the Olympic Games can be traced to 776 B.C., but women were not allowed to participate/compete until the 1904 Olympic Games. It was Archery to allow female competitors to participate in the Olympic games for the very first time.

The size of the Olympic bull’s eye appears small from the shooting line.

The size of the bull’s eye appears roughly the size of CD or grapefruit. And, yet the archers make it look seamless and smooth. And did you, neither type of magnification is used in this sport.

Archery was invented more than 20,000 years ago. If we leap rewind, we will observe our ancestors have been using archery and have been used for both hunting and warfare.

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