Reasonable or Expensive, how much does archery cost?

Just like other hobbies, the price of an archery target rises with a persons’ interest level in the hobby.

The simplest archer can relish the hobby for seldom $250, whereas someone who takes archery as a serious hobby may have to spend around $2500 and then there are monthly fees for range fees, arrows, and other stuff.

If you reckon about getting a new hobby and that to archery, you must take the time to understand the kind and level of archery you’re prying for. A little introspect will offer you insight into how much money you need to invest in your new hobby.


Different types of Archery and related costs

Target and Field Archery

These are the most popular and accessible forms of archery. This archery type involves either using either a traditional bow or a modern compound bow. It is largely dependent on the participant’s preferences. But, if the price is a factor you want to consider, traditional models are likely to save more money.

3D Archery

3D archery particularly refers to the shooting of targets in outdoor settings, very much like the field archery. But, the targets in this archery type are made to look like real animals, often bear, fowls, rabbits, and deer. However, the targets undergo additional processes being shaped and painted to make it look alive and real, thereby targets under this archery type demand more money than targets used in target and field archery.

Traditional Archery

This is the most common and budget-friendly archery type, consisting of traditional bows exclusively.

This type refers to archers who shoot longbows and other conventional bows. A quality longbow is readily available between $100 – $200, pretty inexpensive right?

Bow Hunting

Well, bow hunting marks the very fine line between hobby and sports. Regardless, those who pursue bow hunting find spending more time and money than other archers.

Followers of bow hunting archery binge on the high-end compound bows to ensure a legit shot worth a kill, therefore the gear price is already high in comparison to other types of archery.

Essential Equipment and Gear

The most obvious maneuver of archery is camouflaging to trick the target into believing you’re not a threat. A basic head to toe camouflage outfit costs at least $50.

Animals are more likely to smell you before see you, so a camouflage suit won’t be enough to hide you from the senses of animals. To overcome all this you will need some scent camouflage.

You may also need a case for your bow if you’re traveling with your bow often. A good case can cost around $100.

You may also need releases and release aids, offering a “trigger,” thereby allowing your fingers to do less work while holding onto the string and letting go. A decent one costs you $100 or more.

Life is busy, right? And, we all are struggling with the stress of busy lives. Whether it is preparing for a competitive exam, meeting the parents, getting stuck in traffic, worrying about bills, or work pressure, stress has become part of our lives.

And did you know, adoption of hobbies can help to relieve stress, socialize, and hone your skills at a certain activity? But before deciding how much you must devote to any hobby largely depends on learning how much of your hard-earned cash you’re going to use.

the price tag of archery is entirely dependent on you, preferences, archery style, and equipment.