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What is Draw in Archery?

The draw motion in case of a recurve bow is the final movement that archer will do in order to achieve the full draw from the setup position. This motion plays an important role in hitting the target correctly.

Experts advise that one need to use optimum shoulder positioning to achieve full draw so that arrow can move in the right direction with the desired force.

In order to draw properly, you should use your shoulders more carefully to expand through the clicker. The main aim is to bring the arm, shoulder blade and draw elbow around the body more efficiently while maintaining a perfect draw arm connection. While doing this, you will be able to bring the bow perfectly with the natural bone alignment. It clearly means that maximum tension of the bow must be held by the bone structure of the archer.

It is important to mention that accurate draw motion should reduce tightness, compression and discomfort on the shoulder joint. Hence, adequate practice is a must to reduce the risk of shoulder injuries. While using full draw, you may need to make the best use of lower and mid muscles on the back while minimizing the tension on the neck and upper back.

Draw and full draw technique with recurve bow:

Those who are using recurve bow for their archery practice are advised to check these simple tips and advice to improve their draw:

  • Prefer to use your lower back muscles while practising full draw and make sure you keep your neck and upper traps relaxed.

  • Start leading your draw motion and continue it through elbow range.

  • Experts advise drawing below the chin level and then follow the anchor.

  • One should be more careful about draw hand placement; it should be located against your neck instead of the jaw or chin.

  • Start from the setup position and bring the string picture inwards while taking it towards one side of the riser.

  • Achieve your final draw by bowing your daw elbow round. Make sure you achieve final alignment right before expansion.

The full draw position is usually more critical for beginners. Many people bring their hand close to the chin, and it can cause a variety of issues. Experts advise to align it with the neck so that your shot can be more accurate.

For beginners, achieving a real full draw may be quite complicated. Even high-level archers take a long time to practice it accurately. When you achieve the real full draw, you will find your body still with a better sense of control on the direction of the arrow. It is just because your body is in perfect alignment with the equipment, and the execution can automatically be more accurate.

It is better to take some tips from your coach to achieve a full draw, and at the same time, you should try some exercises to improve the flexibility of your muscles. Make sure you accelerate your learning curve, and it will soon give you the best results.

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