Will a Bulletproof Vest Stop an Arrow?

A bulletproof vest will stop a an arrow.

So, you have started archery practices and are now looking for the best equipment to make your routines more joyful. Well, after buying your bow and arrows, the next important thing you need to invest in is a good quality body armour. After all, safety is the prime concern while practising shooting.

Market these days is loaded with many unique brands and varieties of body armours. Buyers often get confused among several options, and this situation may be more troublesome for a beginner who is least aware of the pros and cons of an individual product. If you are into the same problem, it is better to consult expert guidelines to pick the best body armour for your routines.

Best vest for your body to stop an arrow:

The vest is required to be stab-rated, or it must have the top-rated bullet resistance. It is important to mention that the arrowheads, knives and blades work differently as compared to the bullets. It is the main reason why armours for the archery practices are expected to have different properties as compared to the armours used during bullet firing practices. Hence, you have to be more careful while making a selection for the body armour.

Bullets are not able to cut fibres; they can just force between them. The aramid weave is designed in such a way that it forces the bullet to stretch the fibres and they are expected to have very high strength. Hence, the vest meant for a bullet is usually flexible, but it has a higher strength to stop bullets.

Blades do not have the same impact on fabrics as they have enough potential to cut them apart. So, most of the bulletproof vests can be easily penetrated by the hard stab from arrow or knife. In order to make the vest stab-resistant, it is important to add some layers of hard plastic or metal over it. Experts say that a stab-rated bulletproof vest or a non-bulletproof stab vest can perform better to save you from an arrow.

When you are involved in some gun-related practices, it is better to invest in ballistic protection. In case if you are into the archery field or want to protect yourself from knife or arrow attack, a stab-proof vest may be the best choice.

Buying your body armour/vest:

The stab-proof vests can offer a wide range of protection as compared to the bulletproof vests. Some studies reveal that stab-resistant materials are capable enough to protect our body from bladed attacks and spike threats.

While buying a body armour or vest for your routines, it is important to be more careful about the right size. Whether stab rated or bulletproof, both must have the right size. The vests are also made differently for man and woman. You should first consider your specific requirements and then place an order for the best quality vest online. The selected product must be capable enough to save you from an arrow attack in the field.