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Fishing Kayak vs Inflatable Pontoon(which is better and why)

The choice between fishing Kayak and Inflatable pontoon depends entirely on your requirements. Both have advantages and disadvantages as discussed in this article.

Compare transportation

In terms of transportation kayaks are cut and dry, you can shift kayak through a vehicle.The loading of kayak is easy. The inflatable pontoon can be packed down into a bag. Some professional fishermen prefer inflatable pontoon for its ability to be taken on an airplane too. The inflatable pontoon has its special bag in which it can be easily wrapped and carried. Some fishermen often put their pontoon on the roof of their vehicle while traveling. It depends on your situations, now the choice is yours.

Ease of use

According to some fishermen kayak’s use is easy, just drag it from your car bed and push it into the water and use it, that’s why it is easy to use kayak than an inflatable pontoon. The kayak is a bit heavy and bulky. On the other hand, the inflatable pontoon must be deflated properly using a pump and should be returned to the storage bag. But remember make sure you properly remove the water from pontoon because this remaining water can cause issues, it can damage the material.


Fishing kayak is preferable in this section, it is said that fishing kayak is easy to maneuver because of its shape for it comes in various shapes and sizes. The kayak can move easily in narrow gaps because of its shape. They are slim can move easily while inflatable pontoon is clunky and hard to maneuver. The inflatable pontoon has also trouble with its bulkiness. Inflatable pontoon due its shape is considered safe especially in fast-moving water. Strength means the number of riders also affect its drive


All of us when buying something first thing comes into our mind is durability. How long will this thing last? According to some experts regarding durability, the fishing kayak is preferred but on the other hand,the inflatable pontoon is durable in their own right. Inflatable pontoons are made of canvas and seem to be weak at first look. The puncturing of inflatable pontoon should also be considered. Despite all this discussion on durability, there is a tradeoff between the two at the user end.


Proper care, storage, and maintenance are mandatory because e through proper care it may last longer and can work efficiently for a longer period. About care or storage, some fishermen prefer inflatable pontoon overfishing kayak. The inflatable pontoon makes it super convenient to deflate and store nearby. The fishing kayak often is long and it becomes difficult for fishermen to store it safely but despite all this taking proper care of fishing kayak can make its life long. It can last longer.


When it comes to enjoying and everyone involved in a hobby Kayak fishing is the ultimate experience. If someone wants to enjoy the community around then such a case a fishing kayak is the best choice. The community of kayak fishing is not going to stop at tournaments, there are events, groups, and get-togethers. A community often lacks the experience of inflatable pontoon but if you do not want to disturb group festivals then in such cases inflatable pontoon is still a nice choice. One can use it.

Stand-up paddle

A good inflatable pontoon has a very hard floor, it means you can easily stand in your boat and paddle. This is hard in fishing kayaks while you can easily do so in inflatable pontoon because of the availability of greater space and rigid floor. The fishing kayak is too tippy. Fishermen often get tired by sitting in one place, they can stand in his place, can ease themselves. Changing position in inflatable pontoon is easy which makes it comfortable.Thus this stands up paddle quality makes it unique.

Affordable and adjustable seats

Prices of both fishing kayak and inflatable pontoon can vary but it is very easy to buy a decent inflatable for little money. You do not have to invest much. It may cost $600 and even great choices for $300. But according to some experts price does not matter rather they say comfort-ability first. Inflatable pontoon seats mean seats are movable. You can adjust it according to your choice while most hard shells do not have this facility. Because of its adjustable seats, some prefer inflatable to be used for larger distances.


The inflatable has a much broader base meaning that it has the capability of holding more passengers while the kayak is narrower than an inflatable. The nose and tail of the kayak are sharp allowing the kayak to cut through the water easily while the nose and tail of an inflatable boat are usually quite flat or stubby and don’t feature sharp angles as a kayak would. This makes kayak a choice but some argue that regarding shape inflatable pontoon is a bit safer than fishing kayak but it depends on usage at user end.

Fishing performance

Both have their pros and cons, inflatable provides stability on the water, it provides a good base to catch fishes, its rigid floor will enable you to stand and act, on the other hand, it is quite difficult for someone to stand in the fishing kayak. Inflatable kayaks can be an excellent solo fishing setup means if you are alone fishing kayak is preferred because they are made of weighing fewer materials, therefore are much easier to haul into backcountry locations. To sum up, for group inflatable and person alone kayak is good.

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