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How much water to bring when camping?

Water is a basic necessity.

You should bring 1 gallon of water per person per day when camping. You may need more on hot days and depending on activities. You can never have too much water.

Whether we are camping or not we need a lot of water daily. We need water for more than just drinking. Most of the campers don’t have any idea how much water they need to bring when camping. Here, we have explained in detail about the amount of water you need to bring when camping. Read on to know about it.

  1. Bring One Gallon of Drinking Water Per Person

Drinking water is essential for every human being. We need to consume water every day because our bodies need it. When you are camping, you need to bring at least one-gallon water of drinking per person per day. Even if you don’t drink this much water, it is still important for several reasons. One major reason is dehydration. If a person is dehydrated it can ruin his performance and mood. For camping, you need to be hydrated to enjoy your trip.

  1. Effect of Climate

Climate affects how much water our body needs while camping. If you are camping in a hot and dry, it is obvious that you will need more to stay hydrated because in a hot climate your body will sweat a lot. Especially while camping in deserts, you need to prepare yourself to combat its dryness. Drinking one-gallon water becomes easy when the camp in such dry and hot places. When you are camping in a cold climate, your need for water also decreases.

  1. Effect of Activity Level

The need for water is also determined by your level of activity during camping. If you are doing a tough activity like hiking, it will require you to drink more water than usual. However, if you don’t do such activities, you will naturally consume less water. To fulfill your need for water, you need to have a couple of large water jugs. You can also have a hydration backpack so that you do not have to stop now and then to take a drink of water.

  1. Bring One Gallon Water for Other Needs

It is advisable to bring at least one gallon of water per person/day for other water needs. Besides using water for drinking purposes, you will need water to satisfy other needs. For example, you will need water to wash your body, cook food, & wash dishes, etc. You will be surprised to know how much water we need for other purposes. That’s why you should be well prepared.

  1. Water for Cooking Food

During camping, you will need water to cook food. Making healthy and great food requires water to make it. For example, cooking food like rice, oatmeal, noodles, pasta, etc. need water. So, if you are planning to cook food during camping, make sure you bring enough water for it as well.

  1. Water to Clean Dishes & Yourself

When you are done having a meal, you will have to wash dishes. For that purpose, you need a lot of water to wash those dirty dishes. If you do not like to wash dishes, then you may take disposable plates and cutlery with you. When you are camping make sure to have excess water with you to rinse off your body. It always feels good to take a portal shower after hiking.

  1. Water for Pets

Just like us, the pets we bring camping with us also need to drink a lot of water. They need freshwater to quench their thirst. The need for water also depends on the size of a pet. If a pet is a big dog, then it will require more water. So, the next time you go camping, make sure you bring enough water for your pet as well.

  1. Bring More Water Than You Need

When you decide to go camping, you need to be well prepared for it. Now that we have discussed the things you need water for. Make sure you bring more water than you need because you don’t want to search for water during camping. If you run out of water, it will ruin your camping experience. Besides that, it is safer and healthier to have access to water at all times. You can also help your other friends with your excessive water resource.

To conclude, you need to bring 1 gallon of water to satisfy your drinking need. You need to bring some extra gallons of water to cater for your other needs.

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