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What is the best color kayak for fishing?(what about underneath)

Are you thinking what color should you get to look elegant on the water while fishing?

The best colors for kayak fishing are solid bright colors like yellow and orange to be visible on the water. A blue colored bottom on the underneath side is preferable to not spook fish.

The most important consideration while buying a color kayak is beyond elegance. Kayakers should consider their safety as the first and foremost factor in water. There’s a lot of talk on kayak’s colors for fishing.

Following are the most important factors to consider:-

  1. Safety

Safety should be taken as the major consideration when it comes to choosing a kayak’s color for its visibility to other boats, swimmers, or kayakers into water bodies. Some color kayaks like bright red and blue are not navigable in the ocean when there’s dim light. Many colors like white, camo, and green may be mistaken as surf or a crashing wave.

  1. Visibility

Visibility comes next as a vital factor after a kayaker’s safety. Solid bright colors like yellow and orange are said as the best safest kayaks’ colors because they stand out even in dim light, at the times of dawn and dusk in the sky. Out of two, yellow kayaks are the best choice because they can easily be seen by others.

  1. Bright Color Kayaks

While fishing, bright colors stark a contrasting effect to the environment and make it possible for kayaks to be more visible on the water in certain circumstances. Sometimes, bright color kayaks create confusion in the surrounding area because many people opt for bright color kayaks. You may not be easily navigable to the approaching water-boats if you need help in deep blue ocean waters.

  1. Colors and Fish

When it comes to choosing a color for your kayak, many people may argue that bright colors will spook a fish, but recent research studies suggest that fish can neither see a lot of colors nor they can get attracted or repelled by any color. However, the study indicates that most often fish can react to the shadows in certain conditions.

  1. Yellow Kayaks May Cause Difficulties

As studies have indicated that colors do not attract fish. There are also some kayakers’ sayings that yellow kayaks may be troublesome near sea-lion habitats. The reason not to get yellow kayak is that it may attract sea-lions. Their attraction may cause a kayaker to lose the bait off-a-line while fishing. Plus, the animal can also steal fish you’ve just got.

  1. Kayaks’ Underneath Colors While Fishing

While fishing, many prefer to have a blue color bottom on their kayaks hoping that it will blend in blue water. In order not to be seen on water by the fellow kayakers or fisherman when you’re on a productive hole on a sunny day, prefer white, blue, and sandy color kayaks’ underneath for better fishing experience far away from crowds.

  1. Measures to Cope Up Landing Encounters

No need to worry about landing encounters and ocean swells, choosing the right color kayak will get you through this. A pre-planned solution for finding help in danger is to attach a bright green or orange flag on the stern of your kayak. This would be vital because the higher or brighter your flag, the safer you’re in the deep ocean.

  1. Don’t Opt Reflective Color Kayaks

It’s the worst idea to choose a reflective or metallic color for your kayak when you plan to go fishing in large water bodies. Everything which has a reflective appearance attracts sharks and other predators in the ocean. The reason is metallic kayaks reflect light near water-surfaces. Kayakers suggest not choosing the metallic color kayak because fish scales also have reflective appearance underwater.

  1. Know about Safest Color Kayaks Before You Go Fishing

In many areas, there’s a risk to go before knowing the best color option for your kayak because of the predators there. Sometimes, meddling to nature brings disaster to men. So, you should be well aware and well informed before going fishing in a risky area. Color choices vary according to the water bodies like river, ocean, etc. Choose wisely.

As the bottom lines, it is best to choose the solid bright colors like yellow and orange to be visible on the water. This choice will be a better option for your safety as well as visibility in the ocean.

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