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Who should sit in front in a tandem kayak?(2 main considerations)

A new kayaker should sit at the front of the tandem kayak. The more experienced person should sit in the rear to steer.

Water enthusiasts find it most enjoyable and comfortable to be on the water in a tandem kayak. Paddling along with a partner is a lot of fun while riding a kayak. For this purpose, an evenly loaded kayak tracks well against the wind pressure and water currents.

Here are the facts you should pay attention to while riding a tandem kayak:

  1. Consider the Weight of Each Kayaker

It’s an important measure to take when you go for kayaking. The weight of both the kayakers should be measured to avoid the worse problem of off-tracking. If a heavy person is sitting infront of the tandem kayak, it’ll drift sideways. On the other hand, weight counts in the seating position much because heavyweight on the front slows down kayak’s speed.

  1. Who Should Sit in Front and Rear of Tandem Kayak?

Besides weight’s consideration, it’s important to decide the seating positions of the paddlers. In tandem kayaks, it’s usually better than an experienced heavy person should be seated at the rear of the boat. A new kayaker should be at the front in the kayak because he has to set the beats as compared to the one at the back who has steered the kayak.

  1. Why At the front?

A new kayaker at the front of kayak while driving straight ahead has to set the beats and keep the rhythm. The back-seat kayaker can’t hit the beat and control the tandem while steering the boat at the same time. To avoid the collision, the front person needs strong and weak paddle strokes to keep the boat on course.

  1. Re-arranging the Front Seating Arrangement

A new kayaker can rearrange the seating position according to the condition. In calm conditions, the front seat kayaker can replace his seat with the one at the back. Sitting at the rear allows him to gain experience as well as the confidence to go into the water. Indeed, it’s a great idea to put an inexperienced kayaker at the back to let him experience the kayaking.

  1. Paddling a Tandem from the Front Position

If a new kayaker paddles a tandem kayak from the front seat, he requires less effort as compared to the one at the back. A new kayaker shouldn’t be an additional load at the front because it’ll cause kayak slightly tilting on the sides. Paddling from the front area has advantages only when paddling against strong winds or water currents.

Driving a tandem kayak depends on the influences of circumstances while arranging the seating positions. Whenever there is a dire position in the water, it’s a wise decision to put the rear-seated experienced and heavy person on the stern. The rear seat is the most suitable position to control it.

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