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Can you wash a tent in a washing machine?(what will happen)

Many people want to wash it quickly in a washing machine. Which is a bad idea? Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t wash a tent in a washing machine.

  1. Can You Wash a Tent in a Washing Machine?

The answer to this question is a simple NO. You cannot wash a tent in a washing machine. Tents are portable shelters designed to protect people from changing elements during camping. However, it cannot bear a wash in a small steel container. If you wash a tent in a washing machine, it will lose its qualities. Tenets have seams, mesh, and coating. That is made of delicate fabric. These can be damaged in a washing machine, making a tent useless.

  1. How to Properly Wash Your Tent?

There are two ways to properly wash your tent. The first method is to wash it inside a bathtub. First of all, wet the tent with water. Then apply non-abrasive hand soap to a soft sponge, and rub on the tent. Finally, remove the soap in the tub and let it air dry outside. The second method is to wash it outside with a hose and sponge. Follow the same procedure, and then put the tent over some chairs or drape over a wall to let it dry. Don’t expose it to sunlight.

  1. How Often Should You Wash Your Tent?

There is not a specific time interval for washing a tent. It depends on how often does someone use a tent. You can wash whenever you feel like. If your tent develops a funky smell, or you see some dirt or mud on it. You should wash it thoroughly then. It is recommended to clean it after every usage.

  1. How to Take Good Care of Your Tent

You must take care of your tent to prolong its life. Make sure you wash and use it properly. Quickly fix your tent if it has holes or tears. Another advice is to use the zippers of your tent gently so that it can last long. Don’t let any pet enter your tent. Lastly, clean your tent from dirt before packing up your tent.

  1. How to Keep Your Tent Clean

Only washing your tent is not enough, you have to clean it regularly. Don’t eat in your tent, because it attracts insects, and eating food can make the tent dirty. Regularly clean the mesh to let the flow of ventilation. Every time you enter your tent, you should keep your shoes outside. Wash your tent after every trip.

  1. How to Properly Store Your Tent after Washing?

When you wash and dry your tent, the next step is storing your tent. Before storing your tent, make sure it is completely dried out. After that, roll your tent loosely so that its fabric can breathe. Lastly, store your tent inside in a cool and dry place. If you follow these storing tips, your tent will last longer.

Tents are essential equipment for a camping trip. It protects campers in the wilderness from wind, sun, rain, and snow, etc. Often, a tent gets dirty from mud and dust. Hence, it becomes essential to wash that tent.

The above arguments indicate that washing a tent in a washing machine is not a good idea. One should wash it with one’s own hands. Using a tent properly is key to enhance its longevity. Also do not put it in the dryer.

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