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How long do hiking boots last?(and how to improve)

Hiking boots may last between 500-900 miles depending on the quality of the boots and especially depending on the usage and your weight. Boots especially made for hiking may last much longer.

Care of hiking boots

Keeping your boots healthy may last longer. You should need to care for your footwear after the adventure. Removing or brushing off the dirt from your hiking boots will extend the longevity of the materials. For leather boots, there are leather cleaners and conditioners. It is the mantra of leather owners “clean, condition and protects”. Hiking lovers should love their boots.

Choosing hiking boots and longevity

Try trail runners that are lighter and dry faster. They work very well for longer multi-day tracks but provide a different level of support, it’s extra flexible and having a long life. It is also advised that these boots are preferable and good for hikers. Try to buy boots that last long. Choose a boot with longevity one with PU which is a versatile material.

The life expectancy of hiking boots

It is difficult to tell how much hiking boots will last, but the average seems to be between 500 and 900 miles but this varies from person to person because each one of us uses boots differently. People who put off their boots at the edge of the trail will have a long life out of their shoes. Lightweight boots have a shorter life.

Where do you go Hiking?

The life your hiking boots also depend on the place too where you are interested in hiking. If you hike on soft but firm trails, your boots will last for a longer period as compared to those who regularly hike over rocks and on marshy ground. The boots on rocky spots will last for a short time.

Your weight

Your weight also matters. It has a direct effect on your boots. A heavier load will put more stress than a lighter load. Heavier load means the greater weight of the hiker will exert high pressure on its sole thus there are greater chances that these boots will have less life. Remember backpacking also affects the pressure.

Usage of a stick

The usage of sticks is mandatory to support you. Beside it lessens the burden on your hiking boots. If you have a greater weight which is not good for hiking boots, the use of sticks can help to lower that pressure exerted on boots by your weight and your luggage. Hence, holding a stick also affects the health of your shoes.

In short hiking boots, life depends on quality and usage. The other main thing is of maintenance of hiking boots. Taking good care of boots may increase their life. It is right that a pair of shoes can uplift your mood. Lastly, always remember, hiking boots are your most trustable friends in hiking. So, choose friends very wisely!

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