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How to make ice last longer in your cooler(8 tips)

In summers people often go for outing and they take their coolers of water with ice in it and they are often in search of techniques of how to make ice last longer in their cooler. Here is how to do it:

  1. Towel and cooler

Try to wrap your cooler with wit towel and also try to keep the cooler in shade. The wind passes over the towel, water will start to evaporate when water turns into vapors, it will make the towel cool and as a result, it will make the water inside the cooler cold for a longer time. The temperature of water cooler will decrease.

  1. Empty the cooler from melted water

Keeping the water in the cooler is counterintuitive. Water is much more likely to transfer heat through convection and will encourage the ice to melt further. By removing the water as it accumulates, your ice will melt at a slower rate, i.e. the melted water should be removed quickly from the cooler to avoid further melting, and thus the water remains cold.

  1. The right type of cooler

Choosing a good type of cooler is necessary especially the insulation material should be good. Nylon that of soft one and polystyrene foam coolers provide a good amount of insulation, it will block the entrance of heat inside the cooler. Such type of cooler is best for short trips. One should also avoid coolers made of metal because they absorb much heat.

  1. Larger Ice Blocks

Using large ice blocks has the advantage that they have less surface area exposed to warmer outside air than smaller ice cubes. It means that larger blocks of ice will melt at a slower rate and thus it will keep the water cool for a long period as compared to smaller ice cubes. One can also make larger ice blocks at home.

  1. The lid of the cooler

When you open the lid of the cooler, warm air enters the cooler which melts the ice inside making the water hot. Arrange your cooler with items that you will more frequently need to one side to lessen the amount of time the lid remains open. Thus, one should try their level best to avoid opening the lid.

  1. Bury the cooler

If you are on a campaign for some days, you may bury your cooler in the ground. The cool soil will make its temperature low thus keeping the water cold in the cooler but it should be bear in mind to bury the cooler in a shady place. It will help to make the cooler cool for a longer period.

  1. Add some dry ice

  2. Keep It in the shade

In a nutshell, water can be made cooler for a long period in cooler through the various techniques mentioned above. Summer is the ideal time of year for family outings, beach days, picnics, adventures in the park. So take your coolers with yourselves and put larger blocks of ice in cooler and enjoy the coolness of the water.

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