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How to sleep properly in a hammock(can it be done)

In a nutshell, Hammocks improve sleep quality and enable people to fall asleep faster. One should try to forget all the tension and have a good sleep in a hammock and remember you can have a good sleep by adopting the necessary measures mentioned above.

  1. Hang the hammock properly

It’s not difficult but the most important part, it should not be too loose nor too tight, you should remember this is not bedding; you cannot sleep in it like a bed. The rope is the traditional way of securing a hammock in its place; first, you should master the art of tying the perfect knot. The hammock stand is also advisable.

  1. Hammock made of nylon

Hammock made of parachute nylon is advisable because its stuff is very comfortable to lay in for a long period. Parachute nylon can easily be bought from your local outdoor store or you can order it online. Try to avoid hammock made of rope or slats because they can cause discomfort and rope may burn too.

  1. A hammock that fits your weight

Hammocks are of different sizes but in a general long hammock is preferred because it is more comfortable. Choose a hammock of your height and weight. If you are a tall person then look for a hammock which is at least 8 feet long or you can get a large extra-sized hammock if you are a larger person. Arrange hammock according to your size.

  1. Cure in hammock

The hammock should not be suspended too tight because it will not provide relaxation if it is tight. It should be almost 12 inches above the ground. The deep curve also ensure that the hammock fabric does not become too loose, causing you to get caught up in the material while you sleep. Thus, there should be a deep curve in the hammock.

  1. Put a pillow

Feel the hammock as your bed, put a pillow of small size and blanket if it is winter. You can take an extra pillow on hand to elevate your knees if you want lower back support. If you are sleeping outside in the hammock, then you should wear warm clothes having long sleeves, socks and a hat. Anyhow it depends on your mood.

  1. Wrap yourself

Especially at night, you should wrap in a blanket to stay warm throughout the night, if the weather is very cold then you can usea sleeping bag over the hammock. By doing so you remain to warn in the hammock. Instead of a blanket, you can also use hammock fabric especially the extra fabric of the hammock to wrap yourself.

It was originated from Taino culture and it means a fishnet because of its structure and originated in Central America traditionally and can be traced back to Maya civilization. It improves blood flow and circulation; it takes the pressure off your spine and joints.

And it is rightly said that some people want diamonds, others just want a hammock, a campfire, and some peace.

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